Israel relieved as Egypt resumes limited gas supply

Ampal-American Israel Corporation, which holds 12.5 per cent of the East Mediterranean Gas Company (EMG) that owns the pipeline, said the initial supply would be less than normal but would be ramped up ‘on a daily basis’ to reach the full supply.

The company said in a statement that it had been advised ‘that commercial gas supply to EMG and subsequently to EMG’s Israeli customers, has resumed in 15 March.

‘EMG has further advised that … the initial quantities of gas supplied to EMG are less than the contractual quantities and will ramp up on a daily basis to reach full contractual quantities,’ it said.
According to a source close to familiar with the contract, the flow should be brought up to full supply ‘within four or five days.’ ‘The delay is for technical reasons because it would be dangerous to suddenly revert to the full amount without verifying that the pipeline is working normally,’ he told AFP.

Israeli officials expressed relief over the development, describing the resumption of the gas flow as an important aspect of the political relationship with Egypt’s new rulers.

(Source: AFP)


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