Fuel produced by Islamic State  is suspected to be sold at gas stations in Bulgaria, while the trade is further aiming for Europe, Sputnik News reported. Russian and US special services have provided Bulgaria with relevant satellite imagery to prove the allegations. Using these photographs, the country’s authorities have managed to uncover an illegal supply route for diesel and gasoline through the Bulgarian ports of Varna and Burgas, Energy Voice informed. Bulgaria provides one of several supply routes for Islamic State for its fuel shipments to Europe.

Illegal fuel is reported to be of relatively low quality, deviating from EU standards by 20% – 40% for gasoline and 35% – 70% for diesel fuel.

Meanwhile, Bulgaria’s General Directorate for Fight against Organized Crime and the State Agency for National Security conducted mass inspections at filling stations across the country in the light of the reports. More than 50 commercial outlets are being monitored, a representative of the special services said, but refused to comment on possible IS involvement, Focus Information Agency wrote.