Arab Energy Ministers Set Roadmap to Deliver Egyptian Gas to Lebanon

Egypt is working to speed up coordination for the arrival of Egyptian natural gas to Lebanon through Jordan and Syria as Egypt is keen on easing the burdens of the Lebanese people.

Syria, Russia Sign Oil Exploration Deals

Syria’s parliament has signed oil exploration deals with the Russian companies Mercury LLC and Velada LLC.

Syria’s Raqqa Begins Restoring Destroyed Oil Fields

The head of Al-Tabqah oil field management, Ali Ibrahim, said that the recovery works have started at liberated oil and gas sites in Raqqa province in northern Syria, as well as in the area between the governorate and Hama and Homs provinces, Citing Russia Today (RT) website.

Egypt to Export Electricity to Syria, Iraq via Jordan

The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Resources began meeting with Jordanian officials to boost the capacity of the interconnector from 450 MegaWatt (MW) to 1,000 MW.

Syrian Petroleum Company Loses 252M Barrels of Crude in H1 2018

The Syrian Petroleum Company lost around 252 million barrels of oil in the first half of 2018 due to delays, production failures and theft.

SDF Captures Syria’s Largest Oilfield

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) claim that they have captured the El Omar oilfield.

Iran to Build Refinery in Homs

Iran has agreed to build an oil refinery in the Syrian city of Homs.

Iranian Company to Export Five Gas-Fired Power Plants to Syria

The Iranian company, Mabna, accepted a contract from the Syrian government to import five gas-powered units for use in Aleppo.

Russia to Invest in Syria’s Infrastructure

Syria is in talks with Russia to have Russian oil companies participate in restoring Syrian oil extracting infrastructure.

Russia Favored to Work in Syria’s Oil, Gas

Russian companies would be the preferred choice to work in oil and gas production in Syria, according to a member of Russia’s Parliament, Dmitry Sablin.

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