Iraqi Kurdistan’s Northern Taq Taq Field Produces Oil

Iraqi Kurdistan’s Northern Taq Taq Field Produces Oil

Genel Energy Company announced that it has hit oil in the northern area of Taq Taq field in Iraqi Kurdistan, Pipeline Oil & Gas Magazine reports.

The newly drilled well TT-29 was successfully drilled at 3,100 meters depth. TT-29 oil well showed good quality oil, which is bearing Kometan and Cretaceous Shiranish reservoirs, according to the Oil & Gas Year.

The company has subsequently tested six zones over 20 days. The tests results showed up to 4,600 barrel per day (b/d) rate of 48° API oil that is delivered from individual zones.

“Combined with the testing results, management is optimistic for the potential of the northern flank of the Taq Taq field,” the company said in an operational update posted on its website.

The Taq Taq field has also the TT-30 Pilaspi well, which was drilled successfully as a producer in November 2017. An additional development well, named TT-31, is also planned to be drilled before the end of 2017.

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