Iran’s Natural Gas Production Rises 3.5% YOY

Iran’s Natural Gas Production Rises 3.5% YOY

Mohammad Asgari, a spokesman at National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), announced that Iran’s natural gas production currently stands at 674 million cubic metres (mcm), a 3.5% increase compared to June 2019, according to Tehran Times.

Average gas production in Iran stood at 650 mcm the same time last year. Despite US sanctions and the coronavirus outbreak, there has been no downturn in gas production.

The country’s average daily gas consumption is currently reported at 540 mcm. Asgari broke down the domestic consumption statistics citing that 25% goes towards household consumption, 37% in supplies to the power plants, 30% used in the industry sector, 4% used as compressed natural gas (CNG), and 4% is for other miscellaneous uses.

Iran’s domestic consumption is expected to rise in the coming hot months, thus the NIGC is taking necessary measures to increase gas production in order to keep the gas supply stable.


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