Iran Inaugurates Over 180 Trillion Rials Projects to Boost Energy Sector

Iran Inaugurates Over 180 Trillion Rials Projects to Boost Energy Sector

Iran has inaugurated 17 major oil, refining, and petrochemical projects across seven provinces, aimed to boost the country’s energy infrastructure.

The projects, valued over 180 trillion Iranian rials, include the construction of eight crude oil storage tanks, each with a capacity of 4 million barrels (mmbbl), along the Goreh-Jask Oil Pipeline Project in Hormuzgan and Bushehr provinces.

Additionally, the Varavi gas pressure boosting station in Fars province and a 14-inch pipeline connecting Tabriz, Khoy, and Urmia were also launched. A 400-kw electrical substation in Khuzestan province and the xylene units at the Bouali Petrochemical Complex were brought online after reconstruction.

Other key projects include the Nakhle-Asemari Petrochemical Project in Khuzestan, the Qeshm Oil Storage and Export Terminal in Hormuzgan, and a flare gas recovery project in Ilam.

The projects are expected to increase crude oil production by 10,000 barrels per day (bbl/d), collect 4 million cubic meters (mcm) of flare gas, increase crude oil storage capacity by 18 mmbbl, boost Euro-5 diesel production by 5.7 million liters per day, add 3 million tons per year (mtpa) of petrochemical production capacity, and expand product pipelines by 222 kilometers.

During the inauguration ceremony attended by Iran’s Acting President Mohammad Mokhber, Oil Minister Javad Owji said that Iran’s oil production has reached 3.6 million bbl/d.

He added that more than 155 major energy projects worth $34 billion have been commissioned during the administration of the late Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, aimed at increasing the output, completing the value chain, and boosting energy exports.

“Thanks to these projects, the country’s oil production increased from 2.1 million bbl/d to 3.6 mmbbl, the daily gas processing capacity was increased by 53 mcm, the daily oil refining capacity grew by 270,000 bbl/d, and the daily petrochemical production rose by 13 million tons,” Owji said.


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