Bijan Zangeneh Iran’s oil minister says Brazil has indicated its willingness to buy LNG from Iran, reported Press TV.

He made the remarks following a meeting with Brazilian Minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Armando Monteiro, who is visiting Tehran.

Zangeneh added that the two countries have decided to set up a joint working group to follow up on this issue.

“Brazilians are willing to buy LNG from Iran and the two sides have decided to continue negotiations in this regard and set up a joint working group by Brazil’s Ministry of Mines and Energy and Iran’s Ministry of Petroleum to follow up on today’s talks,” he said.

He also revealed that “Brazilians can invest in manufacturing of necessary [oil industry] equipment under creditable brands in cooperation with Iranian manufacturers and the products will be both used inside the country and exported to other countries”.

According to Mehr News Agency Monteiro arrived in the Iranian capital on Monday to bolster bilateral relations between the two countries.

He was accompanied by a delegation including officials from Brazil’s chamber of commerce, central bank, economic officials of Brazilian Foreign Ministry as well as businessmen and economic activists.

For his part Monteiro said, “our president has always intended to help with Iran’s nuclear issues,” adding that “the time is ripe now for Iran to return to the international community and the grounds for development of Iran’s foreign relations must be prepared.”