The Iranian government has resumed its gas supplies to Turkey after a five-day cut due to the cold weather that left it short of reserves at home, AFP reported.
Nearly 3.5 million cubic meters were pumped and the amount is expected to gradually increase, reported the Anatolia news agency.
This is not the first time Turkey suffers from Iran’s cut down; last month, Iranian gas exports to Turkey fell by nearly 75 per cent due to technical problems. Turkey was forced to buy more natural gas from Russia.
In 1996, Iran and Turkey signed an agreement under which Iran agreed to supply three billion cubic meters to Turkey in the first year, with the amount increasing to 10 billion cubic meters by 2007. However, Iran did not abide by the terms of agreements.
The two countries are currently engaged in a legal dispute; Turkey claims that the gas is overpriced and that its quality and amount often fall below the terms agreed in the contract.
Iran’s daily shipments of 27 million cubic meters of gas normally make up around a third of Turkey’s total imports, according to Gulf News.

(Gulf News)