IPR Scores Major Jurassic Discovery with Zain-1X in Egypt’s Western Desert

IPR, USA Texas-based Independent, has successfully completed the testing of the wildcat discovery well Zain-1X in the Yidma-Alamein Development Lease located in the northeastern region of Egypt’s Western Desert, approximately 130 km southwest of Alexandria. The well was drilled to a record total depth of 17,000 ft and is the deepest ever drilled in the Alamein basin and second deepest in the Western Desert of Egypt.

Two separate DST’s were conducted in Zain-1X with a combined rate of 5,414 bbl oil and condensate and 16.11 million cubic feet of gas per day (MMcfg/D).

The first test interval flowed 9.14 MMcfg/D with 750 bbl of condensate on a 48/64 in. choke with 49 degrees API gravity. Production was from a total of 23 ft of perforations in three commingled perforated intervals.

The second DST of the Jurassic Safa formation naturally flowed 4,664 bbl of 40 degrees API oil and 6.97 million cubic feet of gas per day on a 48/64 in. choke with 1,273 psi flowing tubing wellhead pressure. The second test produced from a single 20 ft perforated interval in the Lower Safa formation.

Additional shallower productive zones were discovered, but not tested during the above program. Total net pay from all prospective intervals exceeded 140 ft. These additional productive intervals will be evaluated and some of the untested oil intervals may be perforated to commingle with the second test interval when production operations begin later this year.

The Zain-1X ST discovery is the deepest easternmost Jurassic oil discovery in Egypt’s Western Desert. The oil and gas produced in Zain-1X was found in a four-way dip closure of stacked Jurassic-aged sands from 15,000 to 16,000 ft that are sourced from Jurassic–aged source rocks in the Alamein basin.  Zain-1X set a drilling record for the longest 8-1/2 in. drilling run in Africa using an 8-1/2 in. diamond impregnated bit with a 6-5/8 in. turbine.

IPR Chairman/CEO, Dr. M. K. Dabbous stated, “Since acquiring Phillips Petroleum’s interests in the Western Desert in 1993, it has been our quest to introduce advanced state-of-the-art non-conventional technology for exploration and production to maximize reserves and optimize oil recovery in all of IPR’s operated assets in Egypt. This major discovery opens yet another area of high interest for Jurassic exploration, not just for gas, but high quality oil as well.”

IPR, Operator, and partner Sojitz of Japan, plan to continue fully exploiting the upside of this new play concept in the Alamein basin through its joint venture company El Hamra Oil and look forward to bringing on substantial additional reserves to the partnership and the country of Egypt.



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