Huawei Egypt’s Green Field Summit 2023 Highlights Key Digital Solutions for a Sustainable Energy Sector

Huawei Egypt’s Green Field Summit 2023 Highlights Key Digital Solutions for a Sustainable Energy Sector

Data, digitalization, and decarbonization are three key elements that go hand-in-hand for the future of the energy sector, especially as outlined by Huawei Egypt at its Green Field Summit 2023.

The summit was organized in cooperation with the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) to review the latest solutions and technologies in the fields of solar energy, and energy storage to reduce emissions, as well as the pivotal role that digital technology and modern smart solutions can play at improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions in the petroleum sector, in line with the strategic objectives of the energy sector in Egypt’s Vision 2030.

The day was opened with an insightful speech given by Joey Deng, CEO of Digital Power Business at Huawei Egypt, in which he outlined the essential components of the energy transition. Deng said that in light of the increasing reliance on clean energy in the world, Egypt has demonstrated its commitment to reducing emissions by 33% in the electricity sector and 65% in the petroleum sector by 2030, adding that Huawei has been keen to provide modern technological solutions that contribute to achieving sustainable development goals in the petroleum field by improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. From here, the company launched Solar+Battery storage solutions that are cost-effective, easy to install, operate and troubleshoot, thanks to Huawei’s latest AI and IoT technologies. He emphasized the company’s vision is to accelerate the digital transformation of the energy sector and create a smart, carbon-neutral world.

“According to Egypt’s Sustainable Energy Strategy 2035, the Egyptian government aims to generate 45% of electricity from renewable resources by 2035 which was increased from 42%,” Deng said. “We have seen that collaboration, electrification, and intelligence are three key pillars of the energy transition.”

For his part, Ahmed Ghassan, CEO Deputy Assistant for Planning and Projects at the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), expressed his pleasure in attending this summit. He highlighted the importance of Egypt’s contribution to the global demand for green energy and digital transformation, especially through applying solar energy technologies. “The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources exploited the available capabilities to use solar energy in generating electricity within the industry during the past years which helped in reducing greenhouse gases.”

Additionally, Ayman Emara, Deputy Chairman for Projects and Planning, praised the role of Huawei in providing advanced technological solutions in the field of digital energy, and the importance of exploiting solar energy in the petroleum sector to reduce carbon emissions for projects and thus improve the environmental and economic aspects and reduce costs as a result of reducing fuel consumption and reducing environmental risks.

With many professionals from Egypt’s energy sector participating, the summit featured a rich variety of engaging sessions, addressing many topics including Huawei’s digital power solutions, case studies for green oil fields, how to make pipelines intelligent, how to use data of barrels, intelligible data centers for power efficiency, and Huawei’s efforts for electrification.

During the summit, Huawei showcased its range of technical solutions designed to suit the petroleum sector, including FusionSolar – Solar + battery storage smart photovoltaic energy solutions, which aims to help companies monitor and control photovoltaic solar panels easily and efficiently, in order to accelerate the digitization of the petroleum sector and enable it to advance towards sustainability goals. and environmental protection, in line with the sector’s vision for 2030.

Moreover, the company showcased iSitePower solutions, which is a green and smart solution to supply organizations with clean energy by integrating batteries, temperature control equipment, AC and DC power distribution, and surge protection, in addition to data center solutions, which represent a wide range of computer servers connected to the network. Typically used by organizations for remote storage, processing, or distribution of large amounts of data, in line with their digitization and sustainable energy strategy.

The summit was attended by many key figures including Alaa Hagar, Undersecretary of the Minister’s Technical Office at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources; Ahmed Khalifa, Undersecretary for Projects Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources; Iman Wafy, EGPC’s CEO Assistant for Information Technology and Telecommunications; Ayman Emara, Deputy Chairman for Projects and Planning at the EGPC; and Charles Yang, Senior Vice President at Huawei and President of Global Marketing, Sales & Services at Huawei Digital Power. This is in addition to the presence of many industry professionals from national oil companies (NOCs), international oil companies (IOCs), and other reputable organizations. Emara and Yang gave closing remarks at the event.


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