Multinational oil field service company, Halliburton, has entered into a five-year agreement with Microsoft and Accenture to advance Halliburton’s digital capabilities in Microsoft Azure, according to a press release

The agreement will signify the full transition to cloud-based digital platforms. This transition is expected to: enhance real-time platforms for expanded remote operations, improve analytics capability with the Halliburton Data Lake utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence, and accelerate the deployment of new technology and applications for Halliburton’s overall system reliability and security.

Speaking on the deal, Halliburton’s CEO Jeff Miller, said, “The strategic agreement with Microsoft and Accenture is an important step in our adoption of new technology and applications to enhance our digital capabilities, drive additional business agility and reduce capital expenditures. We are excited about the benefits our customers and employees will realize through this agreement, and the opportunity to further leverage our open architecture approach to software delivery.”

The agreement also means that Halliburton will migrate all of the company’s physical data centers to Microsoft Azure. 

It is expected that the staged migration will be realized by 2022.