Egypt’s Minister of Environment, Khaled Fahmy, said he will cooperate with the parliament in ratifying the amended environmental law, following the recent cabinet reshuffle, Daily News Egypt informed.

A number of different strategies will be employed to review the energy issue in Egypt with the cabinet, including nuclear energy, coal use and petroleum, in addition to renewable energy strategies such as solar and wind power, Fahmy said.

A controversial decision to start integrating coal in the industrial energy mix by the end of 2015 was issued in April 2015 by former Prime Minister, Ibrahim Mehleb. The conduct of the environment law was amended to allow coal import after it was prohibited previously.

In related news, Daily News Egypt wrote that the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECERS) issued a new report outlining an alternative strategy for the energy ecosystem in Egypt by 2030 that tackles the use of coal and nuclear power. The joint report, entitled 80 Gigawatts of Change, presents a comprehensive look on a more environmentally friendly energy mix for Egypt taking into consideration the expenses for both citizens and government, the greenhouse gas emissions, and sheds light on the potential to create a larger energy efficient industry.