ENI has declared force majeure on loadings from Nigeria’s LNG export plant due to sabotage on the Ogoda-Brass transport line, planning to reschedule some shipments, Reuters reported.

Ogoda-Brass and Tebidaba-Brass are the two main onshore pipelines in Bayelsa State operated by ENI’s subsidiary, the Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC), which feed the offshore Brass oil export terminal.

Nigeria LNG’s export plant at Bonny Island can produce 22m metric tons of liquefied gas a year, and accounts for about 8% of global LNG supplies. ENI has long-term supply contracts with buyers in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, and France.

Previous sabotage of Ogoda-Brass and Tebidaba-Brass had led to a production shut-down at ENI’s Akri and Oshi fields as a precaution. At the peak of militancy in the Niger Delta, another attack on Ogoda Manifold-Brass Terminal pipeline – with a production capacity of around 33,000 b/d of oil and 2mcm/d of gas – had halted production, ThisDayLive reported.