El Molla Holds Talks with Baker Hughes Focusing on Strategic Partnership

El Molla Holds Talks with Baker Hughes Focusing on Strategic Partnership

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla has held a meeting with Zac Crouch, Vice President of Baker Hughes for the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and India, and his accompanying delegation.

During the meeting, El Molla highlighted the depth of the strategic partnership extending over decades with Baker Hughes and the importance of its contributions in providing the services and technical solutions it provides in the petroleum industry in Egypt.

Crouch highlighted Baker Hughes’ pride in its achievements and services in Egypt, noting that the company has been active in the Egyptian petroleum sector for over 60 years.

Crouch explained that the company has established Egypt as its headquarters and a starting point for its operations in the North African region. This decision reflects confidence in its strategic partnership with Egypt’s oil and gas sector. He emphasized the company’s commitment to strengthening cooperation with the petroleum sector in line with its investment plans for Egypt in the coming period.

The meeting witnessed a Baker Hughes delegation reviewing the expertise that the company possesses in the fields of digital transformation and digital solutions to achieve optimal economic operation of production operations from oil wells.

In addition to the expertise related to emission reduction projects within the company’s applications in the field of torch gas recovery and its modern technologies in the field of carbon capture and use,

The meeting further reviewed ways to support joint cooperation within the Carbon Reduction Coalition, in which Baker Hughes participates alongside a number of local and international companies.

Moreover, it discussed the company’s continued contribution to implementing training programs for young cadres in the petroleum sector within the programs implemented by the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in cooperation with international petroleum companies to raise the efficiency of young cadres in the sector and hone their experience.

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