Egyptian Parliament’s Environment and Energy Committee, General Secretary, Alaa Salaam, said in a statement to Al Ahram News that Egypt and Russia are close to signing the final contract on the construction of Dabaa nuclear power plant 130km northwest of Cairo. “I can’t give a specific date as to when this contract will be signed, but I hope it will be signed this summer,” said Salaam.

Salaam’s statement came after the visit of a 15 members Egyptian delegation ,from the members of the Parliamentary Energy Committee, to Moscow in order to discuss Al Dabaa Nuclear Plant with Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy company Rosatom.

Salaam pointed out that Egypt’s Dabaa reactor will be able to withstand earthquakes up to nine degree on a Richter scale, and the crash of a 400-ton airplane. Salaam added that Dabaa is an ideal place for Egypt’s first nuclear power plant because it is “far from any earthquake-active regions, not to mention that it is also far from densely populated places in Egypt.”