Egypt Reduced Gas Imports

Egypt Reduced Gas Imports

The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) reduced gas imports from 1.1bcf/d  to 1.05bcf/d after a decrease in gas consumption of power stations, reported Al Borsa.

A source from EGAS stated that natural decrease ratio dropped from 100mcf to 40mcf per month for the first time since 2012. This came because most of the wells to come online recently are from new discoveries, with slow maturity rates.

The source added that Egypt was able to boost its gas production rate with the addition of about 230mcf/d from BP’s Nooros-6 and Nedoco-2 wells, BP’s Taurt-8, and in addition to a new well from the Nooros discovery that will be linked to production by the end of October.

Egypt Oil&Gas reported in late September on the boost to the country’s national gas production rates, citing a source from EGAS declaring that Egypt’s gas production had increased from 4.35bcf/d in 2015 to 4.4bcf/d, after linking 4 new wells to the national grids during the year. The source added that that Egypt would decrease natural gas imports from 1.25bcf to 1bcf in September .

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