The European Commission (EC) has extended restrictions on Chinese solar panels import to Europe over a pending review of market protection measures as set by the 2013 EC arrangement, due to expire by end 2015, Reuters reported.

The decision comes in response to a request raised by EU ProSun, an association of EU solar panel producers, calling for a review of the existing anti-subsidy and anti-dumping measures.

“As long as Chinese manufacturers fail to comply with basic international trade and competition rules, the EU must maintain the measures in full force and effect,” the EU ProSun said in a statement.

The EU seeks extending trade protections aimed at helping European solar power manufacturers compete against cheaper Chinese products.

EU Pro Sun stated that prior to these restrictions, Chinese solar importers had taken over 80 % of the European market and sold solar power equipment below manufacturing cost.

European and U.S. producers have said that Chinese firms, relying on hefty Chinese government subsidies, have built up huge overcapacity, and are dumping their surplus products into Western markets at unfairly low prices.

As the review process will continue for estimated 15 months, the restraints will remain in place in 2016, Wall Street Journal wrote.