CEC Aims for 15% Annual Export Growth

CEC Aims for 15% Annual Export Growth

Egypt’s Chemical and Fertilizers Export Council (CEC) is poised to unveil its strategic plan for driving growth in chemical industries and fertilizer exports at the forthcoming meeting with the Prime Minister and heads of export councils, reported Al Ahram. According to Khaled Abul-Makarem, the Council’s chief, addressing pertinent requests and overcoming obstacles will be pivotal in fostering a significant surge in sector exports.

Abul-Makarem explained that he is targeting a growth rate of no less than 15% annually, expressing his conviction that this can be achieved. This comes especially after the reassuring messages that the Prime Minister sent to the heads of the Export Council during his meeting with them on April 16th, the most important of which is the improvement of the investment climate for the industry and the availability of foreign exchange resources. This allows the flow of imports of raw materials and opens the necessary credits to import them without interruption.

Additionally, Abul-Makarem said that there are several proposals that would achieve the target growth rate for exports, pointing to a proposal to issue what could be called a tax-exempt “exporter’s license.” This allows for the creation of a new profession, which is the profession of exporter, which is reflected in the increase in the volume of exports. Abul-Makarem added that a country like Taiwan has more than 1.5 million exporters.


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