Assessment to Most Recent Activities by Tanmnia

Egypt Oil and Gas’s analytical report conducted to assess the drilling rigs leased by Tanmia Petroleum Company for oil and gas exploration has revealed the variety of rigs owned by the company in Egypt.

The company’s TANMIA-1 rig was contracted by East Zeit Petroleum Company (Zietco) last February. The 1500 HP rig operates at a cost of $18,500 per hour, and is contracted to drill three new wells and an optional fourth. The contract expires in June of the current year.

Sources have also confirmed that Tanmia has completed an agreement with Al-Amal Petroleum Company for the preparation of drilling plans and well maintenance programs. Drilling plans are already in place for the wells AMAL-18 and AMAL-19, and preparation of maintenance plans for the company’s wells is currently underway.

Moreover, Tanmia succeeded in edging out veteran petroleum services companies to secure the bid round offered by the Aqqad Sons Company for five wells to be drilled in the northeast Eish Al-Melaha area.

The company also succeeded in winning an EGPC bid round for production facilities contracts for PetroAmir despite strong competition from other petroleum services companies operating in Egypt.

The facilities will be in PetroAmir’s concession in the Eastern Desert as well as the East Ghazalat oilfield in the Western Desert. Sources have confirmed that the new contract’s value exceeds $1 million per year.

In addition, Tanmia inked an early production facilities deal with the Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO) for its south Sinai concession. The company will lease the rig to GUPCO at the rate of $750,000 per year, and the contract is to expire by 2013.

Tanmia’s technical consultancy contract with Vegas Oil & Gas in the fields of drilling, production, and projects has also been renewed to extend until next September. Tanmia has successfully renewed its contract with oil company Edison for field production engineering as well, to extend until next December.

Tanmia has also sealed a deal for the provision of 2.1/4 P.C.P. pumps to Marina Petroleum Company for the Lagia field situated in RasSedr, Sinai.

Additionally, the company is providing technical expertise in a variety of fields in petroleum engineering to the companies of PetroAmir, North Sinai, and Al-Westani.

Founded in 2008, Tanmia is a petroleum services company operating in a wide range of activities encompassing services such as production facilities, field studies, production engineering and manpower, well test services, and drilling services.


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