Al-Mal newspaper learned that Assiut Oil Refining Company (ASORC) has contracted with ENPPI to implement new units to raise its production capacity of petroleum derivatives and thus increase its supply of petroleum products to Upper Egypt.

Alaa Mohammed Allam, chairman of ASORC, said his company aims to refine more than 4m tons of crude oil during the current fiscal year, compared to about 4.13 million tons of crude oil were refined by the end of last year.

Allam said that the company has achieved 100% of its targets during 2015/2014, an increase of 13 thousand tons, he told Al-Mal, adding that the current period is witnessing the implementation of several projects to maintain the refining capacity of the company and increase the supply of petroleum derivatives.

He pointed out that the company is also moving ahead with implementing new units to raise the supply of butane and gasoline.

ASORC  provides for more than 80% of the petroleum derivatives needs of the  Upper Egypt governorates, and the company’s plant is the principal entity for the provision of diesel, gasoline and LPG for southern Egypt as a whole.