All international staff members of RWE Dea flown out of Libya

Owing to the current situation in Libya, all international staff members of RWE Dea AG have been flown out of Egypt. This also applies to the members of the core team that had recently remained in Tripoli. In doing so, the Company responded to the current situation prevailing in the country in the interests of the safety of its workforce.

The largest group, consisting of some 40 employees and their families, had returned to their respective home countries as early as Saturday and Sunday, 19 and 20 February. The last international members of the core team remaining in Libya were next on 22 February. The way the situation unfolded also called for them to leave the country: “We consider this measure the logical consequence of our duty of care to our employees and their families,” said Thomas Rappuhn, CEO of RWE Dea AG. “Human safety enjoys top priority in our Company. For this reason, we are glad that our employees and their family members have returned to their home countries safe and sound.” All business trips to this North African country have been postponed until further notice.

RWE Dea’s head office in Libya is located in Tripoli, where the Company most recently employed more than 100 workers, chiefly Libyans. Rappuhn: “Our thoughts are with our Libyan staff members. We will continue to monitor the situation carefully. Moreover, we will maintain contact with local colleagues to the extent possible, given the interruptions in Internet and telephony services.

RWE Dea is preparing field development and production in two concessions. No operational activities are taking place in Libya at this time. The Company has no production under way yet in Libya.

RWE Dea has been engaged in this North African country since June 2003 and assumes that the com-mitment to Libya can be successfully continued in the future.

(RWE Dea Press Release)


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