Algeria’s Tiguentourine gas plant, located 1,600km south east of the capital city Algiers, will be put back in service, according to Director General of the gas complex, Kamel Aouaes. The plant, which is operated by the Algerian state energy firm Sonatrach, BP and Statoil, will come online for the first time since a deadly militant attack in 2013 has taken place, Reuters reported.

According to Naija247, plant managers said that the gas plant is producing currently 16mcm/d, with the aim to reach between 24mcm/d to 25mcm/d when the third and final section of the plant comes online. Aouaes stated that the plant has currently about 20% of the 500 employees who are foreigners, adding that the cost of repairing the plant was estimated at $90m.

Security is handled entirely by the military that has a visible presence around the site. Security Contractor, Robert Sherman, affirmed: “I have been in the plant for the past two months, it is quiet and safe.”

Earlier, Algeria’s Energy Minister, Noureddine Bouterfa, has said that Sonatrach expects a boost in its oil and gas production by 30% in 2020.