Algeria, EU Prioritize Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Algeria, EU Prioritize Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Algerian-EU energy cooperation scheme envisions new plans for development and investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy, according to experts from the European think tank Bruegel, All Africa reports.

“Energy efficiency should be the main target of a new energy cooperation scheme between Algeria and the EU, especially as the potential of Algeria is huge, which can quickly generate concrete results,” Bruegel’s experts said.

In the renewable energy sector, Algeria possesses some of the world’s greatest solar and wind resources suitable for investments. “A study published in 2005 by the German Aerospace Center said that Algeria has the world’s biggest potential in terms of production of concentrated solar energy,” the experts added.

The Algerian government has committed itself to produce nearly 40% of its domestic energy needs from solar power by 2030 – which will require major investment and training. “The cooperation in the field of electricity, energy efficiency and the renewable energies may be beneficial to the EU and Algeria,” according to Bruegel.

Algeria is seeking to increase all sources of energy production, as domestic consumption is rising while conventional energy output has been falling.


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