36 Oil Tanks Catch Fire in New Mexico, USA

36 Oil Tanks Catch Fire in New Mexico, USA

A massive fire broke out at an oil field operated by WPX Energy, in San Juan County, New Mexico. The fire caused several explosions that led to the closing of the nearby highways and forced the local residents out of their homes, according to Eco Watch.

News Channel 10 reported that the Oklahoma-based WPX Energy said that the fire started when 36 storage tanks caught fire, 7 of those 36 tanks continued burning for two days, but the officials said that the extent of the fire has now diminished.

WPX San Juan Asset Team Manager, Heather Riley, said that the cause of the fire is currently unclear. “We think that in the next couple of weeks to months, we will have that information and will be able to share that with the public,” she added.

WPX Energy was given approval to develop the site from the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division in September 2015 and started drilling in December; the company has spent millions of dollars on its drilling activities there. WPX Energy had put at least $160m in developing oil plays in 2014 on its 60,000 leased acres.


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