ZoneSelect Fracturing System

Fracturing System Isolates and Fractures Long-Reach Horizontal Well, Maximizing Reservoir Access.

New Weatherford technology allows the operator to install a multi-zone liner with openhole packers and sleeves, in order to isolate and fracture multiple zones in a 20,111-ft (6130-m) horizontal well.

In usage on the field, the operator experienced well kickoff at 6,145 ft (1873 m) and the total horizontal section was approximately 13,123 ft (4000 m). This results in maximum reservoir exposure and inflow capability for the well.

The operator successfully deployed Weatherford’s ZoneSelect SingleShot Frac Sliding Sleeves and ARES hydraulic openhole isolation packers to a total depth of 20,111 ft (6130 m).

Weatherford used 18 ZoneSelect sleeves and 22 ARES packers to isolate 21 intervals and stimulate 18 of them, all in a single wellbore. The ARES packers succeeded in isolating each stage’s fracture treatment. Additionally, the SingleShot Frac Sliding Sleeves maximized the operator’s flow area through the flow ports while protecting the inner sleeve from erosion.

The use of this technology effectively pushed down overall costs, while simultaneously boosting production rates for the well.

Using Weatherford’s ZoneSelect SingleShot Frac Sliding Sleeves and the ARES packers enabled the operator to create zonal isolation in a horizontal well and conduct multiple fracturing operations in a single well. Furthermore, isolating zones in an openhole environment enabled the operator to expose a larger surface area for fracturing, increasing production by 25% over an 18-month period. Finally, the ZoneSelect system minimized extraneous time and services required to stimulate the well, saving the operator associated rig costs and reducing the overall environmental impact.

Weatherford’s ZoneSelect system proved effective in reducing costs and saving time in addition to boosting production, all in a more environment-friendly manner.


Weatherford’s ARES openhole packers and ZoneSelect technology isolated 21 individual zones in a 20,111-ft (6130-m) lateral well, decreasing overall costs while increasing production rates.



Well Type
Onshore, horizontal

Hole Size
6-1/8 in. (156 mm)

20,111 ft (6130 m) MD
7,053 ft (2150 m) TVD

Liner Casing
4 1/2-in., 15.1-lb/ft
(114.3-mm, 22.47-kg/m) L-80


  • ZoneSelect SingleShot Frac sliding sleeves
  • ARES openhole isolation packers
  • UltraPak U Series permanent liner top packer assembly
  • Premium latch seal assembly

By Weatherford


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