Weatherford Fracturing services Now in Egypt!

After the outstanding success in the US, Argentina, Mexico and Russia, Weatherford Fracturing service is now in Egypt.
Weatherford’s Stimulation & well services Technologies group is committed to providing the highest level of safety, service follow in the Weatherford tradition of service excellence and professionalism.

The Best Equipment
Weatherford brings to the table a complete equipment offering that expedites
rig-up and minimizes time on location. All of our equipment is new and is the best available in the industry. This advantage allows the highest level of service reliability as the standard, without the high incidence of breakdowns that often plagues mature equipmen.

Enhancing well productivity and creating client value are hallmark Weatherford competencies. Stimulation is a natural extension of Weatherford’s existing core capabilities.
Today we are creating a new benchmark in hydraulic fracturing services by answering our clients’ call for high-quality service and efficiency in conjunction with a focus on advanced technology.

We are taking the opportunity to round out our core service offerings to provide integrated solutions from reservoir to wellhead. Weatherford team could perform successfully all kind of high permeability, HPHT, highly deviated and multistage jobs. Weatherford has a long existence in Egypt and now adding the hydraulic fracturing. We determine to face the challenges and work with the companies in Egypt to boost quality and enhance reservoir productivity.

Safety and Quality level
Weatherford is implementing the highest QHSE standards and standard operating practices on all jobs. SPM Safety Restraint System used on all frac treatments to ensure the safety of our operation. We always drive better quality and do the Tracking provides continual improvement plus post Job follow-up. 

The People and technology Factor
Buying the best equipment provides a good starting platform, but maintaining it and operating it properly requires competent anddedicated professionals.
Developing the highest performing, state-of-the-art stimulation fluids technologies enables technical excellence, but only if field personnel have the knowledge and expertise to mix and blend accurately.

Our human resources include skilled chemists, knowledgeable engineers and experienced service technicians–handpicked to design the right solution and execute the job efficiently, on time and right the first time. Our desire to build the best stimulation company in the business has attracted some of the most talented people in the industry who collectively strive to be the best of the best.

Chemical Research & Development Center
(San Antonio, Texas)
Having the right chemical technologies is only half the equation. The other half is the knowledge and ability to properly mix the individual components in the field so that the frac fluid in the tank performs as it did in the lab. Weatherford’s stimulation crews are staffed with operators and technicians who are experts in blending the fluid on location so that it has the performance characteristics that the chemists and engineers designed it to have. Providing the right chemical technologies is made possible using Weatherford’s own proprietary Engineered Chemistry products.


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