Under the slogan “Overcome your Horizontal Challenges”, the Integrated Solutions for Horizontal Well Design Workshop was held in Sharm El-Sheikh, 7-10July 2008. Through this three-day event, coordinated by Eng. Ahmed El-Aidy, Workshop Chairman & Mansoura Petroleum Company Chairman and Managing Director, more than 17 speakers contributed with their expertise and technical papers covering various aspects of the Horizontal Drilling. The 76 delegates had the opportunity to be exposed to such a variety of presentations and their interactions during the discussion rounds reflected the increasing awareness of Horizontal Drilling in Egypt and the vitality of its application.

The workshop’s sessions were divided into four main sectors; Geology, Geophysics and Geomechanics Studies, Reservoir Engineering, Drilling and Completion. Each was followed by round table discussions to enable participants question presenters and get more information and details.

A fifth session was added to the schedule which exclusively demonstrated an on-site horizontal well design for two operators; Centurion Petroleum Corporation and Mansoura Petroleum Company.

he first was represented by Christine Gonzalez, who has over 20 years of international oil and gas industry experience covering a wide range of engineering disciplines and has been in Egypt since the end of 2006 in her current role as Engineering Manager for Centurion Petroleum Corporation.

Gonzalez’s presentation tackled two very different reservoirs where horizontal/high angle wells may have application. Reservoir “A” represents a producing Miocene formation in an onshore Nile Delta field, Field “A”. The “A” Field is a low yield gas condensate field situated in the Nile Delta at a depth of 2800m. In this area the reservoir 1 is characterized by thin interbedded sand, silt, shale sequences in fluvial marine system. Well#A1 was drilled as a near vertical well in 2006 and encountered 22m of net pay in a 100m+ gross section. Reservoir “B” represents Formation “B” of the “B” Field. The “B” Field is a producing oil field in Upper Egypt. The oil gravity is 37 deg API but with high wax content leading to a pour point of 38 – 42° C and an in situ oil viscosity of around 10cP. The reservoir is found at a depth of 1175m and is a fluvial channel system with a high silt content leading to a relatively low permeability which gives low well productivity in vertical wells. Well#B1 was drilled in 2007 and encountered around 30ft pay.

As for Masoura presentation, it revolved around West Dikirnis Horizontal Well; it was discovered in Qwassim formation in May-06. The first well West Dikirnis-1 was drilled in the gas cap and the development plan was conducted as gas reservoir. Fortunately, the second well West Dikirnis-2 penetrated the oil rim with oil thickness around 70 ft which proved that the reservoir is oil and the gas in well West Dikirnis-1 is gas cap. A Simulation Study based on structure map was conducted to West Dikirnis Field to study the impact of drilling a horizontal well in the oil rim between wells West Dikirnis-2 and 3 on the recovery factor and it showed that the recovery factor will increase by around 2% (1 MMSTB).

In addition to the on-site application, the workshop focused as well on case histories, which were given by Sam Metcalfe, Blackwatch Petroleum Services in two presentations entitled “Case History of Subsea Horizontal Development Well in North Sea Field”. Metcalfe has a BS in Civil Engineering and a BA in Geology from Rice University, and an MS in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas. After obtaining his MS, he went to work for Chevron as a reservoir engineer in their global reservoir study group, and he spent five years there performing studies on various fields in the US, West Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia. From there, he moved into the well testing, completions, and stimulation operations support group at Conoco. He was involved in testing exploration wells worldwide, from the North Slope of Alaska and the Russian arctic to West Africa, Egypt, and the North Sea, and in reservoir redevelopment projects on aging assets in the Southern North Sea. In 1994, Metcalfe and several of his colleagues from Conoco formed Blackwatch Petroleum Services, a UK based consultancy specializing in reservoir studies, asset evaluations, and operations support, and acting as advisors to a wide range of clients.

The 76 delegates, who participated in the workshop, represented numerous petroleum organizations operating in Egypt, such as Al Amal Petroleum Company  (AMAPETCO), Alamein Pet.Co.(APC), Arabian Oil Company, Ltd., Baker Hughes Inteq, Baker Oil Tools, BAPETCO, Blackwatch Petroleum Services, Centurion Petroleum Corporation, Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS), Ganoub El Wadi Holding Petroleum Company (GANOPE), GeoMechanics International (GMI), Hellenic Petroleum S.A, Egypt Branch, Mansoura Petroleum Company, Offshore Shukheir Oil Co. (OSOCO), Petrobel, Petrogulf Misr, PETZED, PICO Energy Petroleum Integrated Services, PICO International Petroleum, PICO Oil, Sahara Oil & Gas (SOG), Schlumberger,  Schlumberger Completions, Shell Egypt, Tenaris and Ulterra.

Despite the tightened schedule of sessions and presentations, a welcome dinner and a Bedouin Night were offered to the workshop delegates, part of a social-activities program. The mix between the seriousness of sessions and entertainment was an indispensable element to provide networking opportunities to participants. The Bedouin Night, held in the heart of Sharm El-Sheikh’s spectacular deserts, featured Egyptian oriental shows and folkloric dances.

On behalf of all our team, Egypt Oil & Gas would like to thank all participants for their stupendous contribution and support to achieve a successful workshop. We would like also to thank our partners of success; PICO Energy Petroleum Integrated Solutions (Platinum Sponsor), Centurion Petroleum Corporation (Gold Sponsor), Baker Hughes and Schlumberger (Silver Sponsor).