SPE CUSC: glory starts with a step

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is the largest individual membership organization serving professional engineers scientists, managers, and students in the exploration and production (E&P) segments of the worldwide oil and gas industry. It is associated with more than 80,000 members participate in 162 sections in 65 countries and 161 student chapters in 46 countries. SPE’s membership represents 113 countries. And, the journey continues

The history of SPE begins within the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers (AIME), which was founded in 1871 in Pennsylvania, USA, to advance the production of metals, minerals and energy resources through the application of engineering. In 1913, a standing committee on oil and gas was created within AIME and proved to be the genesis of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). In 1957, the organization was officially founded as SPE, a constituent society of AIME. SPE became a separately incorporated organization in 1985.

• Collect, disseminate and exchange technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources, and related technologies for the public benefit
• Provide opportunities for professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence
SPE- Cairo University Student Chapter is one of the biggest and most reputable chapters all over the world. It was founded in 1987; it has been awarded a lot of awards for its unique and outstanding performance in improving and developing students and qualifying them to match the requirements of the industry in general and the Oil & Gas industry in particular. SPE- Cairo University Student Chapter has reached such an outstanding performance through its ambitious well planned and organized events which aim to link the Academic life to the Practical life and allow the students to know what is going in real life work environment.

July 2006, Chapter of the month all over the world
2008, Outstanding Middle East Student Chapter, one of the best six outstanding chapters all over the world, Final Contest in Louisiana, United States, ATCE 2009
January 2009, Chapter of the month all over the world
2009, SPE Outstanding Chapter Award all over the world, Final Contest in New Orleans, United States, ATCE 2009.

Supporting graduates to become professional engineers by
Improving their skills and technical knowledge
Enhancing their social responsibility for the development of all industries; therefore, our community

Be an effective and outstanding student chapter that supports the Oil & Gas industry in Egypt and all over the world

The chapter has now more than 600 members all from different departments of the Faculty of Engineering
The chapter is directed towards students from all departments and Universities, and fresh graduates. SPE- Cairo University Student Chapter has reached such an outstanding performance through its ambitious, well-planned, and organized events, which aim to link the Academic life to the Practical life.
One of our main educational activities is SPE School, which is a full-year technical program working in parallel with the academic year. Its Objective is to graduate qualified engineers who have good practical experience in the oil & Gas field, and good vision for the petroleum industry.

SPE School
It was initiated four years ago, in 2007. It consisted of four classes only and 165 participants. A year later, SPE School had been expanded to seven classes and 360 participants. In 2009, SPE had been extended again to eight classes and 400 participants; an increase that reflected the importance of continuous improvements. In 2010, we thought of increasing the number of classes more and more to benefit more students and cover all the aspects of the Oil & Gas Industry and we come up with 12 classes and 650 expected participants.

In fact, the lack of qualified engineering graduates is a major problem that challenges the Oil & Gas industry, that suffers from the absence of high-qualified engineers with a good vision towards the future and good practical experience in order to develop the industry and the community where we live in. hence, our future. So we are here trying to establish this bridge of communication between the students in the Egyptian universities and the needs of the Oil & Gas industry. This will be made through delivering practical, social and skillful values to our participants.

In this context, SPE Scholl 2011 agenda includes a series of sessions that will cover major fields in the industry. The SPE School 2011 will consist of 12 classes in different subjects in addition to projects to be held around the year, through which an assessment will be made to evaluate the success of sessions to develop the participants’ skills.
This will also help us to ensure the commitment of the participants towards what they learn.

Also, these sessions will offer participants the chance to have a very close view of each one’s field of specialization. That would be accomplished through the contact with the most up to date technologies to practically apply the science that they studied very well at university. This is can be considered as an effective attempt to reduce the gap between the academic study and the professional practice and that is the target that we want to reach.

SPE School classes cover the following: Drilling Senior, Drilling Junior, Production Technology, Reservoir, Well service, Safety, Petrochemical Industry, Petroleum Soft Ware, Geophysics & Geology, Petroleum Economics and Management, Petroleum Orientation and Inspection & Welding.

Moreover, SPE CUSC organizes five workshops. The first is called LOL “Lift Our Life”, designed as a basic soft skills program for the beginners at human development track. The second workshop is “Thinkestien” tht basically teaches participants various thinking techniques helping them in making decisions and solving problems or creating new ideas. The third one is called SMS or “Super Man Skills”; this workshop develops interpersonal skills so that participants can make balance in their lives. The fourth workshop is named “PhotoJob”, it helps participants to plan well for their career after graduation. “Mark It” is the fifth workshop; which is tackling marketing principles, entrepreneurship and how to start your own business.

Finally, there will be a complete project that simulates the professional life style, which is SPE Oil Field Simulation Project. It is one of the most creative Projects that SPE Cairo University Student Chapter has made. This project contributes with the other projects to keep this chapter one of the most outstanding chapters around the world.
SPE Oil field Simulation Project is a project that simulates the professional work life style within the Oil & Gas industry through work in some imaginary companies and the practice in the hardest working conditions and let the participants know what they are going to be involved in and that they have to take into consideration all the factors surrounding them.

By Mohamed El Shazly, Public Relations Head, SPE Cairo University Student Chapter


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