The Seth development project is one of the major projects that is held by the Belayim Petroleum company (Petrobel) on behalf of the Pharaonic Company

The project scope includes:

  • Pre-drilling, re-entry and completion of two new development wells, with expected production rate of 4.5 5MMSm3/day.
  • A new offshore platform in 83 meters water depth
  • A new 16” X 11 km S/L to transport production via the Tuna existing PLEM and Temsah Pliocene network
  • Onshore receiving facilities and inter-connection with the existing plant

The project budget, including the D&C, counts for $316, 321K, while the actual cost reached up to $80,931K in last September. The detailed engineering and procurement services for sea line and onshore scope are still ongoing. Similarly, the detailed engineering, procurement services and fabrication activities for jacket, deck and pre-drilling template by the EPC contractor are in progress.

Besides, some of the ongoing activities include the procurement for top-side facilities and the jacket fabrication.

The pre-drilling template fabrication is completed and transported to Port Said IEOC base. The staus of the project includes aslo the PLEM/SSIV and spool campaign that already started, while the installation of PLEM/SSIV and spool works are in progress.

The Seth development project is expected to start in September 2012, which is less than one year from now. However, efforts are being made to achieve challenging anticipation to make the start date in July 2012 for the first well.

By Osama El-Sayed, Projects General Manager for investments and JVs, EGPC