Schlumberger Building Sustainability Partnerships to Drive CSR Progress in Egypt

Schlumberger Building Sustainability Partnerships to Drive CSR Progress in Egypt

Schlumberger has supported the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since their introduction in 2015 and currently uses them as our primary framework for translating corporate priorities into locally relevant social and environmental programs.

Schlumberger provides leading digital solutions and deploys innovative technologies to enable performance and sustainability for the global energy industry. Our purpose is to create amazing technology that unlocks access to energy, for the benefit of all.

Despite the challenges faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our team has remained steadfast in our commitment to driving more socially and environmentally sustainable operations.

As a global technology leader, we support our customers in addressing their environmental priorities; Schlumberger currently offers a broad technology portfolio of more than 100 solutions with attributes tied to the six environmental SDGs. Our technologies include a range of environmental impact-reducing options aimed at consuming fewer resources, including energy, water, raw materials, and physical footprint, generating fewer harmful by-products, including emissions and waste, leveraging digital, and enabling renewable energy use. We are committed to helping our customers reduce their operational costs while remaining focused on safety, efficiency, and our impact on communities and the environment.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

In line with our corporate goal of reducing carbon emissions by 30% by 2025, the Schlumberger team in Egypt set an internal emissions reduction target and outlined key priorities accordingly. Specific to reducing Scope 1 fuel consumption, the combination of decreased activity due to the pandemic coupled with fuel optimization efforts for our trucks and light vehicles, resulted in a decrease of Schlumberger Egypt emissions by 43%, exceeding our target.

In 2020, we also deployed an electricity consumption tracking system, enabling more timely information and better visualization and management of our Scope 2 emissions by location. Further contributing to our focus on reducing Scope 2, we completed installations of solar panels in the car park at the Schlumberger Egypt Center of Excellence (ECE). As a result, 20% of electricity for the ECE comes from solar energy, lowering our costs, and reducing our carbon footprint. Efforts to address energy consumption have also included a series of campaigns that encouraged behavioral change among our team members, including switching off lights when they are not needed.

To symbolize our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint, we ran a program across our workforce called “2020 in 2020” where we planted 2,020 trees at our facilities across Egypt. This is a small demonstrative effort, but every step counts, and this initiative keeps our team members engaged as we continue to care for the communities in which we live and work.

Supporting Communities During COVID-19

In collaboration with the Ministry of Petroleum and the Egypt Oil & Gas Corporate Social Responsibility (EOG CSR) subcommittee, the Schlumberger Egypt team was actively involved in the “One Hand” initiative, aimed at assisting with the COVID-19 pandemic relief and response in Egypt to keep people safe. Schlumberger contributed medical supplies and equipment, including surgical masks and anolyte disinfectants, to the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the ministry and the subcommittee members.

We worked actively with our customers, universities, and the Egyptian Ministries of Petroleum and Health in conjunction with the EOG CSR subcommittee to help spread awareness about the pandemic focused on reducing infections across the community. Our engagements included information sessions outlining details of Schlumberger’s outbreak response strategy and outbreak management plan, as well as educational videos sharing best-practices and guidance that were available in both languages, Arabic and English.

Engaging University Students Virtually 

Schlumberger has a long-standing history of supporting students by providing technical mentorships and internships, providing the next generation of energy experts with an inside view of our facilities and technologies. This is key in bridging the gap between academia and the energy industry and helps prepare young Egyptian talent for their career; giving them a solid foundation from which to grow.

Despite the challenges associated with COVID-19, we were able to maintain our impactful knowledge-sharing with students. In October, we conducted 9 virtual visits to our Schlumberger Egypt Center of Excellence, which were attended by over 500 students from 10 different universities. During these three-hour visits, the students were able to see our facility in real time, featuring workshops and technology demonstrations led by our subject matter experts. Additionally, we were able to host 16 additional virtual sessions, covering a broad range of both technical and non-technical topics, attended by over 600 students inclusively; an additional 13 sessions are planned from March through May 2021.

Partnering with Egypt on Sustainability 

During the Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS) 2020, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Schlumberger and the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum. Through the MoU, Schlumberger is committed to sharing with the ministry all on-going and future planned initiatives and know-how aligned with sustainability goals. This includes all efforts to reduce the direct and indirect carbon footprint of our operations and to maximize the efficient use of various traditional and renewable energies.

Finally, our team in Egypt is proud to support the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) in delivering their first sustainability report. Through the assistance and expertise of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), and Sustainability team, we have completed four sustainability educational workshops with attendees from both corporates, Schlumberger and the EGPC.


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