SandAid Sand Conglomeration: Higher sand-free flow rates, Reduced water production

On the 12th of April 2012, EGAS hosted a seminar introducing Weatherford’s latest SandAid™ Sand Conglomeration Technology. Presenting the technology was Rami Hamad, Weatherford’s MENA Region Business Unit Manager. The seminar attracted the attendance of several petroleum companies such as PHPC, Wastani, Melrose, Rashpetco, Bapetco, Dapetco and Khalda Petroleum.

Weatherford’s New approach to sand control increases the maximum sand-free rate (MSFR) to boost total reservoir performance. SandAid sand conglomeration technology is a one-of-a-kind patented chemical that simultaneously increases the bond between particles, reduces water cut, and traps fines to increase maximum sand-free rate and reduces water production. This unique technology is another big advancement in production enhancement and sand management from Weatherford.

Tested in more than 30 wells, SandAid sand conglomeration technology has provided lasting effectiveness in every single case. It increased sand-free flow
rates in every case for periods exceeding 16 months. Maximum sand-free rates increased as much as 50 percent, and water cut was reduced up to 60 percent.
The benefits that can be realized include reduced lifting costs by increasing sand-free rates and reducing water production, increased production rates by preventing fines migration and near-wellbore damage and keeping perf tunnels open to reduce skin damage.

In addition, the new technology contributes to the reduction of erosion and corrosion damage to tubulars and surface equipment by more effective sand and water control. It will also reduce the need for frac packs by preventing perf tunnel collapse and intermixing formation sand with gravel- pack sand thus enabling more effective high-rate water packs.

SandAid Adapts to changing reservoir stress conditions by remaining ductile and its reconglomerating capability. It can be simply applied due to the flexibility in mixing with power-law and Newtonian fluids, resulting in the treatment of long intervals (up to 16 months and counting.) Under-displaced SandAid chemistry is simply produced out of the well, unlike resin- or epoxy- based solutions. Last but not least, rigorous core tests confirm improved permeability with no compatibility issues.

SandAid sand conglomeration applications

Weatherford’s pumping and chemical services group is committed to providing the highest level of safety, service and efficiency for every job. Weatherford offers its complete sand control services, which in addition to our SandAid technology includes:

  • Pumping services
  • High-performance chemicals
  • Expandable and conventional sand screens
  • Gravel-pack
  • Frac-pack
  • Thru-tubing, gravel-pack

For more information contact us at or visit us online at for stimulating ideas for production improvement.

By Weatherford


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