Ramadan Programs

As we all know, during the holy month of Ramadan TV provides a massive collection of Arabic shows, series, cooking and religious programs. Ramadan programs give a whole new meaning to being a couch potato, jumping from one series to another. There are a wide variety of series tackling important issues occurring within our society. Below are listed some of these series with a brief description of each.

Qadiyat Rai Aam (A Case of Public Opinion)
Qadiyat Rai Aam is a social drama that discusses the issues of drug addiction, rape and other general ethical matters occurring within the Egyptian society.  The famous actress, Yousra, plays the role of Dr. Abla, a well-respected pediatrician, known for her dedication and veracity in her work. The turning point of this drama is when Yousra and two other fellow female workers get attacked and raped on their way home after a late shift.  The series revolves around the consequences and how these women are treated and viewed by society and the obstacles they face in their quest for justice.
Starring: Yousra, Samy Al Adel, Ibrahim Yousry, Samir Sabry, Ragaa El Gedawy, Liqaa Al Khamisi, and Olfat Omar.

Al Mallek Farouq (King Farouq)
Al Mallek Farouq tells the whole story of the last king of Egypt’s, King Farouq I, controversial life, starting from the day he was born till his burial.
Starring: Tim Hassan, Mena Al Fadali, Ezzat Abu Aouf, Wafaa Amer, and Mahmoud El Guindy.

Yetrabba Fi Ezzo (Raised in his Prosperity)
Yetrabba Fi Ezzo is a social comedy that tackles the concept of education and its value in the Arab world, and, in specific, how Arabs should treasure their cultural ethos. The series stresses on the way children should be brought up and how generations should inherit cultural principles. This is shown by Hamada Ezzo, played by actor, Yehia Al Fakharany, who is unable to take any responsibility and still relies on his mother to make decisions for him, even though he is over 60 years old. He also has three sons from three different marriages whom he neglects.
Starring: Yehia Al Fakharany, Rania Farid Shawqy, Nihal Anbar, Hana Shiha, Ahmed Azmy and Karima Mokhtar. Written by Youssef Maati and directed by Magdy Abu Omera.

The series presents the actress Fifi Abdo as Azhar as a beautiful, smart, challenging woman whose dearly loved husband passes away. Her husband’s death motivates her to move into her family’s house in Upper Egypt to raise her son and daughter. Azhar is a persistent person who never gives up, especially when it comes to the future of her family members. Her life goes through dramatic changes but she patiently and strongly overcomes the harsh phases and difficulties whether in her family or her new marriage.
Starring: Fifi Abdo, Gamal Ismael, Mohammed Alshaqanqiri, Ragaa Hussein, Mohammed abd al Hafez, Abd Alrahman Abu Zahra, Fadia Abd Alghani, Mohammed Kamel , Fatouh Ahmed. Directed by Mohammed Al Noqaly.

Awlad Al Leil (Children of the Night)
The series takes place in various locations in the City of Port Said including Bouz El-Balat, Haay El-Bodra and the main harbor in the late 30s. Gamal Seliman plays a role of a young man called Sa’eed Abu Al Makaram, who helps his uncle in a small antique shop in the middle of the local market. Sa’eed tries to fight the corruption in the market especially after the kidnap of his son.
Starring: Gamal Seliman and Ghada Abdel Razek. Directed by Rasha Sharbatgy.

Hanan Wa Hanin (Tenderness and Desire)
The series is a semi-autobiographical story, with Omar Al Sherif, playing the role of Raouf Soliman, an Egyptian engineer who has lived in America for over 30 years. He marries Amina, portrayed by Madline Tabr, who turns out to be a bitter and greedy woman. The only good thing out of this marriage was his daughter whom he keeps reiterating tales about Egypt to. He then returns back to Egypt and meets his first love, Hanan, played by Sawsan Badr. The series was shot in several locations including, New York, Alexandria and Cairo in addition to sites in different cities in Egypt. Hanan Wa Hanin stresses on the importance of one’s roots and homeland in lieu of the ever expanding immigration crisis.
Starring: Omar Al Sherif, Madline Taber, Ahmed Ramzy, and Sawsan Badr.

El Dally
El Dally is a police drama revolving around a prominent politician called Said El Dally, who becomes the victim of a failed assassination attempt that results in the murder of his eldest son. The start of the police investigations into the matter raises the question of who is the real Said El Dally.
Starring: Nour El Sherif, Sawsan Badr, May Nour El Sherif, and Wafaa Salem. Written by Walid Youssef and directed by Youssef Sharaf El-Deen.

Rajol Wa Sit Sitat (A Man and Six Ladies)
Rajol Wa Sit Sitat is a comic series. Ashraf Abdul Baqi plays the role of Adel Said, a 35 year old man who owns a bazaar in the Pyramids district. He is a calm and cool man, who loves art, likes to read and write poems. His work runs well but his life is full of striking developments. He lives with his wife and daughter in an apartment that they share with his mother and sister as well as his mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Adel is the only man among all these women. Though he tends to be lonely and loves privacy, he finds himself faced with all kinds of feminine problems.
Starring: Ashraf Abdul Baqi, Liqaa Al Khamisi, Zizi Mostafa
Directed by: Asad Fouladkar

Qalb Imra’a (A Woman’s Heart)
This drama is about an attractive and poor woman called Nawal, who is dreams of living a safe, stable and luxurious life. She marries a wealthy businessman, who turns out to be physiologically disturbed and dies by accident. Nawal’s husband’s family forces her to give up her children’s inheritance. Nawal then gets married again, this time for love, to Fathy, who promises to look after her and her children from her previous marriage but things turn bitter when she discovers that Fathy is a drug dealer. After failing in her second marriage Nawal meets Maher a rich guy who fulfills all her dreams. Seeking to get revenge from her first husband’s family Nawal becomes involved in many corruption and bribe cases.
Starring: Ilham Shaheen, Samira Abdul Aziz, Maged Al Masry, Rashwan Tawfiq, Shaheen, Ahmed Khalil, Youssef Osman and Menna Fadaly. Directed by Magdy Abou Emeira

Aljanna Fi Beyotena (Paradise in our Home)
Aljanna Fi Beyotena is a religious program that addresses the issues of love and treatment between married couples, and the collapses that likely appears in families after years of commitment. This program is presented by the Islamic Preacher Amr Khaled, who seeks to provide simple solutions for today’s Arab family’s fundamental difficulties aiming at setting up blissful homes, appropriate manners and having content family members capable of overcoming troublesome lives.

Kitchen (Chef Ramzy)
Kitchen is a cooking program presented by Chef Ramzy Choueiri, who shares with his viewers his famous recipes and answers any of his audiences’ questions concerning different recipes.  On week-ends there is something special being offered to the viewers, which is that the viewers get to travel with Ramzy through “Siyaha Ma’a Chef Ramzy” and discover the different flavors, not only from the many Lebanese regions, but also from all over the world, where he shares the best foreign recipes from China, Brazil and, Argentina, amongst others.

Fan Al Tabekh (The Art of Cooking)
Fan Al Tabekh is another cooking program presented by Afnan Al Ziyani. She offers a variety of recipes for Ramadan from around the world in 30 minutes. Afnan guides her audience with step by step instructions for making the best recipes from around the world. The show consists of cooking with celebrities, giving nutritional advice and the latest news regarding food recipes.
It would seem that this Ramadan is unlike any other. The month is jam-packed with TV series, making this month more of an event for actors than for the audience. With the insane amount of shows presented, it is difficult to attempt to follow more than two at a time. The variety of shows is also another appealing feature, with TV catering to people of all walks of life, from the young to the old and the culinary predisposed to the religiously inclined. Hope this Ramadan is spent more with family than in front of the TV, but if not, you’re in luck.

Ramadan Series Schduel

10:00 pm
Al Mallek Farouq
12:15 am
Yetrabba Fi Ezzo
Channel 2
9:20 pm
Qadiyat Rai Aam
Channel 2
4:30 pm
Aljanna Fi Beyotena
11:30 pm
Hanan Wa Hanin
Channel 2
10:30 pm
Al Dally
Channel 1
7:15 pm
Rajol Wa Sit Sitat
Channel 2
2:45 pm
Qalb Imra’a
Channel 1

By Sarah Rashdan


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