Qasr Gas Development Project

The Seth development project is one of the major projects that is held by the Belayim Petroleum company (Petrobel) on behalf of the Pharaonic Company

The Qasr field, discovered in 2003, is considered one of the huge gas fields in the Western Desert, with production rates of 670 MMcfd and 30 million barrels of condensate.

The Qasr project is divided into two phases. The first phase consists of receiving and processing facilities in the Qasr area of Shams and Obaiyed. As for the second phase, it consists of additional reception facilities in Qasr area, 24” P/L to Salam and Salam slug catcher.

The development project included the drilling and development of 20 wells in order to reach a maximum production of 800 MMcfd and 40 million barrels of condensate.
Currently, the total production stands at one trillion cubic feet of gas and 40 million barrels of condensate.
Total reserves remaining counts for 1.6 trillion cubic feet and 43 million barrels of condensate.

Project objectives
Utilize gas reserves in Qasr reservoir to provide feed for all gas processing facilities in W.D owned by KPC and sister companies
Maximize Salam facilities capacity up to 400 MMcfd
Maximize Qasr production up to 800 MMcfd
Achieve integrity between KPC and sister gas processing facilities

Qasr facilities
Qasr facilities consist of the following, wells trunk lines, air coolers to cool down produced gas to 58 C, three phase separators (5 nos. x175 MMScfd/each), gas and condensate dispatch area in which gas and condensate delivered to Salam and Shams and future compression facilities to increase gas pressure from 70 bar up to 123 bar (1st Phase) and from 30 bar up to 123 bar (2nd phase).

Qasr PH-I

  • Start date: January 2005
  • Commissioning and start up date:  2007
  • Project budget: $270 million
  • Engineering & construction contractors: J.P.Kenny – Petrojet
  • Early production: started in 2005 with 150 MMcfd, with total cost of $139 million
  • Permanent production: started in 2007 with 350 MMcfd, with total cost of $131

Qasr PH-II

  • Construct SGT 3 & 4 with 200 MMcfd capacity
  • Provide QASR facilities with 3 phase separators and construct 24” Qasr – Salam P/L and provide new slug catcher in Salam ($218 million)
  • New gas compression station for northern P/L ($185 million)
  • Contractor: Enppi – Petrofac – Petrojet – J.P.Kenny


  • Designed to receive & separate gas and condensate from Qasr via new 24”P/L
  • Finally feed treated & processed in SGT 1,2,3 & 4 to produce sales gas dispatched to Ameriya and condensate to Alhamra

Qasr Gas Development Project (PH-III)

Qasr Gas Compression Project

  • Install new gas compressors to increase Qasr gas pressure
  • Conceptual Study

• Completed by Genesis

  • Feed Study

• Start date: July 2011
• Contractor: Genesis
• Completion: December 2011

  • EPC

• Start date: May 2012
• Completion date: September 2014
• Project budget: $260 million
• Contractor: Enppi – Petrojet

Project Objectives

  1. Install new gas compressors in Qasr area to raise gas pressure from 30 bars up to 123 bars due to reservoir pressure declines
  2. Improve production recovery
  3. Maintain gas delivery to Obaiyed and Salam at normal operating pressures

Project Equipment

  • Four gas compressors driven by gas turbines
  • Three condensate multi stages pumps
  • Gas scrubbers for compressors suctions and discharges
  • Compressors gas coolers
  • Control system
  • Additional power generated to be added to improve existing power generation system

The overall FEED (Front End Engineering Design) progress counts for 80%, is expected to be completed in December 2011.


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