Providing world-class technical services

GL Noble Denton offers a unique mix of local oil and gas industry knowledge supported by a global network of technical experts

Q. Please provide a brief synopsis of the company’s operations in Egypt.
GL Noble Denton is a leading independent technical advisor to some of the oil and gas industry’s best known operators. Our work helps clients achieve the industry’s best practice in the safety, integrity and performance of their on- and offshore assets, and our services cover the entire asset lifecycle. Our Cairo office employees include more than 50 expert engineers and scientists with deep knowledge of Egypt’s thriving oil and gas industry. Our local team is complimented by a global multi-disciplinary force of more than 3,000 engineers across the world, allowing our clients to benefit from both local best practice and the experience we have gained from working on some of the world’s most technically innovative oil and gas projects.

Our clients can benefit from the fact that we are part of a global network of offices in over 80 countries with more than 3,000 employees. Hence, we draw our pool of experts from our global proactive teams and deliver our services across the lifecycle. This means that we can also ensure our clients safety, reliability and operational efficiency from the very beginning of all projects, through services such as:

  • Asset integrity management systems
  • Certification and verification
  • Third party inspections
  • Marie warranty surveys and consulting
  • Risk and safety consulting

Q. What services does GL Noble Denton provide?
GL Noble Denton is an independent technical advisor to the oil and gas industry. We help our clients plan, design, develop, operate, optimize, and assure their assets through five core services:

  • Technical assurance
  • Risk, safety and integrity management
  • Engineering consulting
  • Marine warranty and consulting
  • Technical software

Q. What countries/regions does GL Noble Denton operate in?
With a presence in over 80 countries, GL Noble Denton applies global best practice in safety, integrity and performance across the lifecycle of its clients’ on- and offshore operations

The company comprises more than 3,000 expert engineers and scientists, who combine outstanding analytical skills with strong operational experience to deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients

Q.  What makes GL Noble Denton stand out from its competitors?
Unlike other technical advisors to the oil and gas industry, GL Noble Denton prides itself on being able to provide world-class technical services and software to across the entire lifecycle of any asset, anywhere in the world.

We use more than 140 years of experience to help our clients plan, design, develop, operate, optimize and assure their on- and offshore assets.

We work on a wide range of assets across various stages of their development, from planning new gas distribution networks in growing cities, to developing life extensions of oil platforms, testing the integrity of asset designs at our full-scale hazardous test site in the UK, and providing third party inspections for natural gas pipelines and other assets.

Q. What major projects is the company currently working on?
We are considered unique in the Egyptian market; we are working under the strategy of continual improvement in line with the strategies of the international companies. The definition of corrective actions and also the preventive actions play a great role when evaluating the client support process and this can always be improved – we always have to aim for the best quality, we are engaged with many projects in Egypt such as:

  • Asset integrity projects
  • Marine warranty services for offshore installation projects
  • IVA for deepwater projects
  • Vendor inspection projects.

We offer a range of services to cover the entire oil and gas industry. Starting with design verification, we supervise equipment and material manufacture, installation and independently assurance quality. Then we issue verification compliance reports and certifications to the client that proves safety and integrity of the asset. After the asset is installed, we offer inspection services on completed projects and check the quality for clients at vendor’s premises. For the whole lifecycle of the asset we provide a suite of engineering consultancy including risk and safety, asset management and software solutions consultancy services.

We conduct safety and risk studies in Egypt for a variety of clients; we’ve also conducted independent verification projects in addition to many projects including all our activities for certifications, inspection, risk and safety, marine operation and consultancy services.

Q. What would you consider to be the primary factors behind the success of GL Noble Denton?
Local expertise supported by global knowledge

  • Our clients tell us that GL Noble Denton’s strength lies in the ability to offer them a unique mix of local oil and gas industry knowledge, which is supported by a global network of more than 3,000 technical experts in more than 80 countries across the world
  • This blend of local expertise and global experience means that we can approach our clients’ projects with in-depth knowledge of their individual operations, while also providing insight into innovative the technical approaches that are being applied to oil and gas projects in other markets This approach helps us to stand out from our competitors, and has been applied to our operations in to our successful operations in Egypt since 2004.

Q.  What are the major challenges currently facing GL Noble Denton in Egypt? Have the company’s operations been affected by the political and economic situations?
With respect to the recent political and economic situation facing the country, GL Noble Denton takes the safety and security of its employees and operations most seriously. As a business that applies best practice in safety, integrity and performance to our clients’ operations, it is our priority to ensure that our people are also able to work in a safe and secure environment.

Q. What are the company’s plans/projects in the coming period?
For over 140 years we have been independently innovating to make maritime, offshore and onshore energy operations safer, more reliable and more efficient. We are proud of our unrivalled experience and work hard to deliver to our clients and live up to our strong reputation in Egypt – and globally therefore, Most of the oil and gas companies, contractors, consultants are our partners in the Egyptian market.

As a world-class technical advisor to the oil and gas industry, we are constantly looking to fill the gaps and strengthen our capabilities. Our strength is that we bring a truly independent view whenever we do business, and continue to build on our success and experience with some of the most challenging projects in the industry. Our dedication to safety and reducing risk is second to none, and this combined with the highest quality and efficiency means that we are a strong partner to any player in the market.

Q.  As an offshore-focused company, how does GL Noble Denton value Egypt’s Mediterranean offshore prospects?
GL Noble Denton has had a presence in Egypt since 2004, and the breadth of our services naturally lend themselves to supporting the operations of clients in the offshore environment. With the new offshore deepwater fields in the Mediterranean, along with shallower finds in the Gulf of Suez and the Nile Delta we are committed to helping the industry develop sustained oil and gas resources for Egypt into the future.

Q.  What CSR activities does GL Noble Denton partake in?
GL Noble Denton is committed to supporting the local communities where we operate. We have a structured programme of initiatives where we provide both support and financial contributions to helping the advancement of the environment and the region.

Q. In light of recent incidents domestically and globally, how much priority do you believe should be given to HSE? What do the company’s efforts in this area involve?
GL Noble Denton has a clear vision to become the leading technical advisor to the oil and gas industry and our operations in Egypt (and across the Middle East) play a crucial role in this

We have developed a strong reputation in Egypt for delivering world-class technical solutions to help clients develop and operate safe, efficient and sustainable assets, which plays directly into GL Noble Denton’s overall business strategy

In line with our strategy, we have developed our business to reflect the continually-evolving needs of our clients. The oil and gas market has changed dramatically in recent years and demand for our services has grown as a result.

For example, we have seen the oil and gas industry in Egypt and across the world take a far more proactive approach to ensuring the safety and integrity of their assets after the tragic Macondo incident in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. As a result, demand for our global inspection and quality assurance services has increased dramatically.



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