Proserv Maritime & Engineering Services S.A.E. Co. (PME) – One of Proserv. Egypt’s Group Companies

PME – Is a shareholding company, registered and government licensed in Alexandria & Egypt, with the authority to conduct all kinds of Inspection & Quality services within Egypt. PME offers and carries out highly professional surveys and inspection services to different clients worldwide through its network partners around the world.


  • NDT Division
  • Boiler Division
  • Welding Division
  • Marine Engineering Division
  • Training Division
  • Oil & Gas Inspection Division

Scope of work:

NDT Division.

  1. NDT inspection with qualified and certified level II Inspectors under supervision level III  in the following methods:
    • Visual inspection
    • Liquid penetrate inspection
    • Magnetic particle inspection
    • Ultrasonic inspection
    • Radiographic inspection (x-ray, gamma ray)
    • Tension compression test
    • Hardness test (VICKER, BRINEL & ROCKWELL)

Boiler Division:-

Certified and qualified boiler and pressure vessel inspections  in accordance with ASME codes and standards in the following areas:

  • Boiler Drums inspections & repairs
  • Boiler Headers & risers inspections & repairs
  • Boiler tubing inspections & repairs
  • Boiler water and feed water chemical treatment systems inspections.
  • Boiler refractory inspections & repairs
  • Boiler control system inspections & repairs
  • Boiler apprentices inspections & repairs
  • Boiler consultancy for newly erected Boiler.
  • Boilers retrofit design & applications

Welding Division

  1. Repair welding & specialized welding services
  2. Develop welding procedures. 
  3. Welding inspection according to code
  4. Welding with post weld heat treatment equipment

Marine Engineering Division

  1. Marine services for docking and undocking including the following:
    1. Ship repairs
    2. Deck steel work repairs
    3. External hull blasting preparation and painting
    4. Underwater hull thickness measurement
    5. Shaft, propeller, repair
    6. Under water hull plate repair, change (Steel, aluminum, fiberglass)
    7. Pipe fitting and coded welding
    8. Pipe renewal & replacement
    9. Pipelines inspection
    10. Fabrication of piping and bending with bending machine from 0.5 inch up to 6 inch carbon steel
  2. Special Assignment
    1. Repair catholic protection system
    2. Shaft, propeller, repair.
    3. Pipeline cleaning & flushing
    4. Tank cleaning with certified gas free engineering
    5. Tank blasting and coating
    6. Tank repair and testing
    7. Valve rebuilding & repair
    8. Hydraulic systems inspections and repair
    9. Main/auxiliary engines repair
    10. Electric & electronic systems inspection and repairs
    11. Air conditioning & ventilation system repairs
    12. Static & Dynamic balancing
    13. CNC Laser cutting machine up to 20 mm steel 10 mm stainless steel, 6 mm aluminum.
    14. Cleaning repair and hydrostatic testing of heat exchangers

Training Division:

  1. NDT level I & Level II Courses IN 5 methods certified by NDT Level III inspectors
  2. API preparation courses
  3. Radiation Safety Program Course
  4. ISO 9001/2008 Preparation with certified IRCA Lead Auditor
  5. Boiler operation and maintenance training course

Oil & Gas Inspection Division:

  1. Communication
  2. Tubular inspection
  3. Lifting gear inspection (bad eyes, lifting wires, shackles, sheaves, chains, snatch blocks and any related lifting equipment).
  4. Pressure relief valves and all gauges calibration
  5. Drilling equipment:
    • TDS run & function tests
    • Draw works run & function tests (including Crown-o-matic)
    • B.O.P & koomey unit function test (Related panels)
    • Mud pumps (high pressure mud system) run & function tests
    • Mixing system (low pressure mud system) run & function tests
    • Mud treatment equipment run & function tests
    • Crown blocks and traveling block inspection
    • Choke & standpipe manifolds inspection
    • Handling equipment (slips, tongs, safety collars, etc.) inspection (May require NDTby third party)
    • Diverter system and related equipment function test
    • Rotary table run & function tests
  6. Mechanical inspection:
    • Engines
    • TDS
    • Mud pumps
    • Draw works and cooling system
    • Centrifugal pumps
    • Rotary table
    • Water maker
    • Jacking system
    • Crown and traveling blocks
    • Air compressors
    • Cranes engines and mechanical parts
    • B.O.P Gantry cranes
  7. Electrical Inspection:
    • SCR Room (cubicles, circuit breakers, transformers, Etc.)
    • Communication systems
    • Lighting equipment
    • ELMAGCO Brake
    • Rig load
    • Rig watch
  8. Marine inspection:
    • Crane
    • Bilge system.
    • Pre-load system
    • Radio system
    • Jacking system
    • Lifting gear
    • Fuel, drill water and fresh water systems
    • Life boats
    • Life saving equipment
    • Fire extinguishers
    • CO2 system
    • Helideck
    • Trash disposal systems
    • Oil/water separator
  9. Accommodation inspection:
    • Medic
    • Hygiene
    • Mess hall/galley and kitchen
    • Bathrooms and water system
    • Water heaters
    • Internal accommodation and rooms
    • Air conditioning
  10. Stores and spare parts:
    • Critical and shut down items
    • Consumables
    • Spare parts and stores inventory

ProServ Qualities:

  • Our work force consists of full time trade persons.
  • Our work force includes NDT Inspectors level I, II & III fitters, turners, riggers, mechanical engineers, specialized welders and boiler-makers.
  • All work is carried out under rigorous compliance with our integrated safety, health, quality and environmental management system.
  • Designing and establishing desalination seawater plants and providing all materials, equipment, and piping the system from reserved tanks to outlets.
  • Designing and establishing fresh water system and providing all materials, equipment, and piping the system to service stations.
  • Sandblasting and painting steel structures with a new material certified from GL called “lineX”, which protects facilities from corrosion.


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