ProServ Egypt: Interview with Mr. Ahmed Hashem, Managing Director

ProServ has been providing a wide range of quality services in the Egyptian petroleum sector for 6 years. Mr Ahmed Hashem, Managing Director of ProServ, discusses the company’s activities and the reasons behind the success it has managed to achieve thus far. 

Please give a briefing of the company’s history and its successes in Egypt
We succeeded in entering the oil & gas market 6 years ago and managed to achieve our Mission and Vision; we establish a wide network that enables us to gain new clients through our offices in Egypt and abroad. We have the largest client list in the region.

All of our latest projects and current ones are done to the highest standards of satisfaction to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Our professionalism and experience caused us to be granted the highest international certificates such as TRACE (Anti Bribery compliance solution), FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), ISO 9001, ISO 18001, ABS, E.I.F.F.A and FIATA.

Most of our international registrations are renewed directly and free of charge based on our achievements and work professionalism.

We manage to bring new blood (new foreign companies) to the Egyptian market by International Round Tenders.

The Group now holds 5 S.A.E companies, each company has its own certificates and registrations with the most professional team to keep us on the right track which makes  us provide our clients with a huge business bouquet satisfying all their needs.

We work on projects with major companies in the Gulf Area and Europe.

We succeed in securing the highest benefits, compensation and salary levels in the field to both our temporary and permanent employees. With 1,200 employees (1,100 site employees and 100 office employees) we manage to control the field salaries benchmark.

What services does ProServ provide to oil companies in Egypt?
We have a wide range of services which include:
Drilling Consultancy, Manpower, Catering, Work Permit, Logistic Services, Oil & Gas Training, Sea freight & Clearance, Engineering & Inspection services (ABS CERTIFIED), Tele-Communication

How does ProServ work to tailor services to the specific needs of different companies?
We established 4 companies to meet all of our clients’ needs and requirements and due to our market experience we provide each client with its applicable work services bouquet; each company has its own qualified and certified team which empowers our group hierarchy and organization leading us to always get the correct and accurate feedback to maintain the right track to follow. We achieved this by bringing together a strong knowledge base and dedication to our client’s satisfaction. We have highly motivated staff eager to provide our clients with reliable and integrated services of the highest quality that usually exceed expectations. We bring expert on-site management and outstanding technical resources, uncompromising emphasis on training and development for all our team members, unparalleled commitment to quality and execution and most of all genuine care and passion for our client’s welfare.

Does ProServ focus primarily on the provision of onshore or offshore services? Why?
We mainly focus on the provision of offshore services as it’s more challenging and needs more experience and highly skilled labor which is our work motive. Regarding onshore projects, we don’t work as service providers, but we work as a drilling contractor and on turnkey projects.

Is ProServ looking to expand into new fields of service in the near future?
We have already established new subsidiary companies working in new fields while at the same time helping our main scope of work in the oil & gas field; we have:

  • Proserv.  for Consultancy Services
  • Proserv.  for Logistics Services
  • Prolog  for Shipping and Trading – PST
  • Proserv.  for Maritime & Engineering Services – PME
  • Pro – Communication & Integrated Services – PCI

Prolog for Shipping and Trading (PST): Provides its services to customers owners of the goods and cargo to and from all over the world at the highest levels of service. Managing import and export shipments between the Egyptian ports and those all over the world, services include forwarding FCL and LCL consolidated cargo.

Proserv. For Maritime & Engineering Services (PME): Conduct all kinds of Inspection & Quality services within Egypt, Inspections include Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Destructive Testing , Advanced NDT services. Boilers & Pressure Vessels which include pressure vessels inspections in accordance with ASME codes and standards including power boilers, industrial boilers, organic fluid heaters and a range of technical services to pressure vessels. Welding Services which includes repair welding and specialized welding services, develop welding procedures, welding inspections according to codes and standards and welding with post weld heat treatment equipment. Marine Engineering Services provides services for docking and undocking including ship repairs, external hull blasting and painting, under water hull plate repair, pipelines works, propeller repair and hydraulic system inspections and repairs. Technical Training which includes NDT level I & level II courses in 5 NDT methods certified by NDT level III inspectors, Preparation for NDT level III in 5 NDT methods, Preparation of AWS CWI, API preparation courses, Radiation Safety program courses and Boiler operation and maintenance training courses.

Pro – Communication & Integrated Services (PCI): A specialist services company, providing leading International Communications Solutions to enterprises, governments and telecommunications operators, with a proven track record in the satellite, & communications services industry spanning some twenty years.

What other countries does ProServ operate in? 
ProServ operates in the Gulf area, North Africa and Europe.

What HSE credentials does ProServ hold?
We are registered and certified from most of the governmental Oil & Gas sectors based in our HSE Manuals, day to day plan which had been sent to them to review and approve.
We also gained ISO 9001, ISO 18001, ABS certified IOSH Managing Safety and NASP
Our entire on-rig safety officers have a valid OSHA and NEBOSH certificates to guarantee safety rules and regulation

ProServ Client List
Our clients list contains some of the largest companies in the World:

Oil & Gas Sector

  • ROWAN Egypt
  • ROWAN RDC Arabia
  • Noble Drilling
  • Atlantic oil field services
  • STENA Drilling Ltd.Co
  • Sinotharwa Drilling Co.
  • Petrobel
  • Shell
  • HESS Egypt
  • Shiv-vani
  • DP world

Mining Sector

  • Capital drilling for mining
  • BARAMINCO for mining

Maritime & Engineering Sector

  • Alexandria Container & Cargo Handling Co.
  • Faromar SRL.
  • Cemex Assiut
  • Siemens

Forwarding, Clearance and Shipping   

  • Fridal
  • Hagrybota
  • El Gazira for Marble

Tele – Communication

  • Alkan


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