New technology for well bore clean up and completions

MI SWACO Specialized tools has through the acquisition of SPS International (2006) being able to bring to Egypt the vast experience of Wellbore Bore Assurance and introduce for the first time in Egypt the Wellbore assurance practices in conjunction with MI SWACO DF and the Operator.  With major operators in the region looking more and more to the Mediterranean, where more complex well completions and higher fluid volumes are required, MI SWACO can assist from the design stage with the assistance of our drilling fluids division MI SWACO can provide the complete combined Mechanical Wellbore clean –up system and State of the art Completion fluid DE Filtration system (Wellbore Assurance) from well TD to spotting the final packer fluid before landing the TBG Hanger.

Mechanical Wellbore Clean-up (MWCU)
With Well completions becoming more complex in Egypt, MI SWACO Specialized tools have introduced new MWCU tools to the Egyptian Oil & Gas industry.
MI SWACO has provided the Mechanical Wellbore clean-up tool system to meet the clients MWCU requirements, from the regularly used MWCU string for the initial Wellbore displacement from drilling fluids to completion fluids  Jetting and brushing the Riser and BOP while scraping and brushing the casing / liner while RIH taken particular attention to the Gravel pack and production packer setting depths before commencing with the well displacement and using the Well Patroller for well validation before moving onto the next stage of the completion.

This is where MI SWACO Specialized tools have introduced to Egypt with great success the Post TCP Wellbore clean-up to validate the well is clean, clear and free of obstructions before running  the cased hole gravel pack completion. This string comprises various variations, but primarily the Ridge Back® Burr Mill (post perforation de-burring tool and Magno Back® CCT® for the of remove post gun debris and dislodged ferrous metal and the Well Patroller ® for well validation before running the Cased Hole GP Completion.  Multi-Function Circulating Tool MFCT® and SABS® Single Action Bypass Sub have also been introduced to Egypt completion operations and have proven to be effective for ensuring complete well bore clean up.

Surface Filtration Systems
In 2007, MI SWACO introduced the purpose built Twin 1200sqft DE Filter Press system in order to meet clients’ demand for a completion fluid filtration system to filter high volumes at high rates for  completion phase of wells, where large volume of completion fluid is required with different properties to cover Wellbore displacement, well control & sand control operations and in conjunction with the Mechanical Wellbore clean-up tool system that gives the client a product that can save rig time, money and assists in logistics.

The main issue is the rig tanks limitation to hold large quantities of different completion fluid on board to cover all completion operations.  A possible solution to this is to tie a supply boat along side for use as extra tank space in theory this is the perfect solution, but the weather in the Mediterranean changes on a daily bases.  With the MI SWACO Twin 1200sqft DE Filter Press system, high volumes of surface volume can be prepared in advance and once the wellbore displacement reaches the point of the Wellbore clean-up pills back to surface, the client can revert to a closed loop circulation system filtering well returns and circulating high rates, high volume through the Twin 1200sqft DE Filter Press system. Knowing that, when one unit has reached capacity, the second 1200sqft DE Filter Press is already pre-coated on standby ready to come online with no break in circulation, no slowing of the rig pumps that allow suspended solid to fall back down the well extending the time taken for the Wellbore displacement, cost time and money.

2008 Q3 MI SWACO will introduce the purpose built Trailer mounted DE Filter Press system to Egypt for the fast moving land completion and workover operations where time is always a factor between completions/locations.  MI SWACO have decided that the only way we can me customers requirements for land operations was to trailer mount a complete DE Filtration package including filter press, slurry mixing tank, pumps and twin pod cartridge unit.  With the Trailer mounted DE Filter Press system we can arrive on location tie into the rig tanks system with 2 lines, commence with operations as per customers requirements, job done and move onto the next location.

MI SWACO is committed in providing total packaged completion fluids and mechanical well bore solutions and will continue to provide new technology new completion concepts for our Egyptian operators.


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