New Generation Concept: VOS Navigates the Oil Price Waves

New Generation Concept: VOS Navigates the Oil Price Waves
Andrea Cavo – Operations Manager Vroon Offshore Services Srl
Carlo Crovetto – Charterer Vroon Offshore Services Srl

We have just left behind a difficult year for Offshore Shipping. Extremely harsh business conditions have been forcing many companies all across the industry to implement often dramatic cost-saving and re-structuring measures. In 2016 the global Oil & Gas market continues with the alignment of operations and investment strategies on the basis of the ongoing, low oil-price reality. However, market fluctuations are part of the business in which we operate and the key to success is being flexible enough to add value in all circumstances. In such a challenging environment, Vroon Offshore Services (VOS), a leading maritime offshore-services provider with over fifty years’ experience in the business, has continuously been developing and enhancing its world-class offshore-support solutions.

With a versatile fleet of about 100 Offshore Support Vessels and 2,500 skilled and dedicated seafarers, VOS has been quickly adapting itself to the new market dynamics, remains dedicated to providing safe, reliable, high-quality and cost-effective services to its clients and ensures operational excellence all around the globe.

VOS’ fleet consists of Platform Supply Vessels, Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels, Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels, and Subsea Support Vessels – managed out of four Offshore Management Companies located in Genoa (Italy), Singapore, Den Helder (Netherlands), and Aberdeen (United Kingdom) with a geographical focus on the North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Black Sea, Africa and South-East Asia.

With the objective of enabling their clients to be successful, and meeting the ever increasing Offshore market performance requirements, VOS has been investing in an extensive new-building program consisting of:

Six Platform Supply Vessels – Ulstein PX121 design.

Eight Multi Purpose Supply Vessels – 80mtrs KCM design.

Two Walk-to-Work Subsea Support Vessels – 80mtrs KCM design.

Six Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels – 65mtrs about 90t bollard pull KCM design.

Two Subsea Support Vessels – 68mtrs KCM design.

Ten Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels / Field Support Vessels.

The designs of these vessels are based on a new generation concept developed by VOS’ Performance and Engineering Department, reflecting both client specifications, market requirements and in-house offshore expertise. Focusing on fuel efficiency, crew & charterers’ personnel comfort and operational flexibility, the VOS fleet is capable to deliver a wide range of services supporting Offshore contractors from the seismic survey phase, through exploration & production, till de-commissioning.

VOS has considerable experience in the Egyptian Oil & Gas offshore markets and is committed to develop its presence, and market position in the years to come. VOS is proud to be a business partner of successful Oil & Gas companies in Egypt, both on the MED and Red Sea side, providing safe and efficient walk-to-work solutions, anchor-handling support and various supply services.

VOS is strictly committed to safe practices in all its operations, and in everyday actions. Safety is a “mindset”, an integral part of the VOS organisation, involving all employees, and is supported by a behavioural-based safety management programme called Leaders in Safety (LiS) rolled out throughout the VOS fleet. Through the LiS program, VOS has been reinforcing the cultural approach to safety both onboard and ashore, with the ultimate goal of guaranteeing injury free operations and smooth operations. We invite you to have a look at our “Vroon 24 movie” on the VroonGroup YouTube page to experience our safety mindset.

Together with its local partner Pan Marine, VOS will continue to serve its Egyptian clients, actively assisting them in identifying the safest and most efficient solution to their day-to-day operations, and is looking forward to meeting you at the 8th Mediterranean Offshore Conference & Exhibition (MOC) to be held in Alexandria (Egypt) on 19/20/21 April 2016 – stand C14.


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