Medilink International is a specialist medical support services company providing first-class services to clients operating in some of the world’s most remote and challenging regions. The company has a long track record of involvement in North Africa having started life in the early 1990s serving the petroleum industry in Libya. Over the past two decades, Medilink has gone from serving this one key market in North Africa to a global operation.

Headquartered on the central Mediterranean island of Malta, Medilink offers a wide portfolio of medical assistance from first responder services, remote site clinics, fully-equipped mobile operating theatres, medical staffing and medevac to occupational health services and health and environmental risk assessment consultancy.

From this central Mediterranean base in strategic proximity to mainland Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Medilink operates through satellite offices and regional hubs to coordinate and deploy services efficiently across the globe. Its corporate mission and story began though in North Africa, and it is no coincidence that the Medilink has chosen Egypt as the location for its latest country office.

Medilink in North Africa: An Ongoing Corporate Story

The opening in autumn 2017 of its office in Cairo sees Medilink deepen its commitment further in North Africa; a region in which it has gained immense experience and local knowledge.  Situated in the modern Nasr district of Cairo, Medilink Egypt extends the company’s capabilities in North Africa, complementing its established operations in Algeria and Libya.

Having three bases in North Africa gives Medilink immediate insights into, and first-hand experience of public health issues that may affect their clients operating in the region. A key part of Medlink’s country services is to assess the acuteness of on-the-ground health situations, drawing on local and international data and resources. This helps Medilink provide clients with up-to-the minute, reliable advice on public health issues as well as input into planning effective medical assistance supplies and services and health risk assessment and advice.

Medlink’s Cairo office helps the company engage better with its growing client base headquartered in the capital, enabling it to provide greater immediacy of service. From this central location, Medilink supports clients throughout the country, coordinating medical assistance services in all regions apart from Sinai.

Medilink’s dedicated clinics in Hassi Messaoud, Algeria, as well as in the Libyan capital Tripoli, both provide a full complement of emergency medical services as well as a range of occupational health services and consultancy in both those countries.

Medilink Algerie operates a state-of-the-art full service clinic providing emergency care, occupational health services, medical evacuations, topside support, and training. From Hassi Messaoud, Medilink runs an effective hub supporting its activities and providing services to remote sites all over Algeria.

Libya was where Medilink first set up international operations, and it remains committed to serving its clients there. Organising first-class medical support in Libya, especially in the interior, is a highly demanding task requiring expert assistance. Thanks to the company’s medical capabilities and a deep cultural understanding of the country, Medilink has been able to provide services uninterrupted for over 20 years to its clients in Libya.

Growth with Responsibility

As the opening of the Cairo office demonstrates, greater on the ground presence opens up opportunities in different sectors and across national borders. However, Medlink has been strategic in managing that growth, and has never lost sight of its mission to be a trusted partner for its clients. Medilink’s strength lies, in fact, in its size as a flexible, highly responsive medium-sized service provider in a market dominated by a few larger players.

It has been able to retain the human face of accountability – both to clients and the staff it hires. Medilink sees its roles as that of a pro-active, engaged partner who truly understands the specific demands and challenges facing the oil and gas industry.

Driving Competition in Remote Site Medical Services

The shakedown in the extraction industry sector in recent years has the seen oil and gas industry face shorter project cycles and the uncertainty of shorter contracts. This has had a knock-on effect on all companies in their supply chain – medical assistance services included.

Remote site medical services firms need to be highly competitive in terms of budget, without compromising professionalism in service delivery, whether of personnel or supplies. Given the current market exigencies, medical services providers must not only fulfill their contracts professionally but also do so with far greater levels of flexibility and openness.

It is precisely this kind of environment in which mid-sized medical services players like Medilink flourish. Medilink has been at the fore in showcasing this need for greater accountability and shown it is able to work efficiently, and yet still highly effectively, unperturbed by shorter-term contracts.

Precision Auditing of Remote Site Medical Services

Medilink audits operations rigorously, adhering to strict criteria in clinical governance and project management, ensuring complete transparency from client proposal to service delivery in the field. The extraction industries’ new norm is to scrutinise medical assistance service contracts, assessing them on the basis of performance and cost at the end of each cycle rather than let them run on almost in perpetuity.

To assist in this process, Medilink conducts ongoing audits throughout the project life cycle. It not only looks at budgetary aspects but also delves into the qualitative aspects by holding regular face-to-face meetings with its field staff, supporting them and clients in a transparent manner. This regular in-the-field feedback enables Medilink to evaluate the service during the contract and, importantly, pre-empt any issues arising in the field.

Global Reach with Local Knowledge

Medilink gives important to harnessing local talent and developing skills in the countries in which it works. This has a two-fold benefit for both the host country and Medilink clients. Each project sees Medilink invest in training and run skills transfer programmes to ensure client projects leave a positive legacy behind. In doing so, it creates on-the-ground teams comprising both fully-qualified, specialist personnel and a staff corps with specific local skills as well as the flexibility to take on further roles and responsibilities.

Medilink combines first-class medical assistance services backed by invaluable local insights to serve and safeguard its clients’ health and wellbeing in the challenging field of remote site working. The company’s overriding mission is to operate sensitively and to high standards in host countries, carrying out its work ethically and sustainably and with the utmost integrity. Its further expansion in North Africa is a sign that this strategy is paying off.


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