Launching Event to Celebrate Cooperation Agreement Between Oil and Gas Skills (OGS) and PricewaterhouseCoopers ”PwC’s Academy”

On the 10th of November 2013, PwC’s Academy and OGS held the launching event of the cooperation agreement between OGS and PwC’s Academy. The event took place at the JW Marriot with the attendance of numerous representatives from petroleum companies in Egypt as well as PwC Egypt. This cooperation resulted in a business alliance between the two organizations to consolidate PwC’s Academy in Egypt as well as the ME training expertise to conduct and deliver selective number of training programs to OGS’ expended clients’ base and businesses in Egypt, UAE, Libya, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

OGS Chairman and CEO Eng. Ahmed El Ashmawi started the opening session by welcoming all attendees and recognizing this initiative to develop practitioners in the energy sector in Egypt and Africa. Mr. Yasser Sholokamy (PwC’s Academy Leader) presented the training and programs provided by PwC’s Academy globally, regionally and locally, as well as the mini MBA program. Mr. Wael Sakr (PwC partner and assurance leader) gave a brief summary about PwC globally, regionally and locally. Mr. Ahmed Rashwan (PwC Director and oil and gas specialist) presented the IFRS training programs associated with the petroleum business. Mr. Tamer Tawab (PwC partner) presented the leading teams program and explained how it will develop leadership skills.

The three programs are summarized as following: International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
PwC’s Academy and OGS will launch their first educational program, called Diploma of International Financial Reporting Standards (Dip IFRS). This course is a workshop that helps everyone working in accounting and finance to improve their knowledge and develop their skills. The course is designed to develop participants’ knowledge and understanding of the basic standards of IFRS that are used on a regular basis. Candidates will learn how to apply these standards, as well as the concepts and principles. Participants will also be taught the framework structure of IFRS. The training will address a variety of key topics including: presentation of financial statements, interim financial reporting and accounting policies in terms of changes in accounting estimates and errors, revenue and statement of cash flows, related party disclosures and provisions including liabilities and contingent assets.

Leading Teams
The Leading Teams course consists of seven specially designed modules. These modules include:

  • Conflict and Leadership Management Skills in which participants learn the difference between leaders and managers in addition to, the skills needed to know how to deal with work issues.
  • Change Management in which participants learn why companies need to change, how to accept change and adapt to it.
  • Sales and Customer Service in which participants learn the skills and ways of dealing with clients, follow up with them and satisfy their needs.
  • Coaching Skills in which participants learn the skills needed to be able to coach people.
  • Culture and Values Awareness in which participants learn how to deal with different people inside any organization.
  • Project management in which participants learn how to start a project from scratch and what are the steps needed for any project to succeed.

Participants will gain different skills that include how to identify the character and personality of others and influence them, negotiation techniques, conflict resolution strategies, the win/win concept and the GROW model in coaching and counseling of staff. This program is tailored for middle and top management. It will help participants identify their own management strengths and areas of development.

Mini MBA
The mini MBA consists of twelve full days of training conducted over a three-month period from 9 December 2013 till 12 February 2014. The mini MBA program consists of nine specially designed modules carefully chosen to provide a systematic framework and clear structure for understanding organizations. A unique technique has been developed to link the modules and create a successful business strategy. The modules include:

  • Business Breakdown and Map, addressing vision and mission statements framework, stakeholder analysis, corporate governance and business mapping.
  • Corporate and Business Strategy, addressing critical success factors, external and internal analysis, strategies for innovation and forecasting.
  • People Management addressing HR as a strategic partner, culture management, recruitment and selection and target setting and performance.
  • Management skills addressing changes in management, effective communication, motivation and empowerment, appraisal and stress management.
  • Marketing, including market positioning, branding, corporate social responsibility and social media.
  • Leadership and Negotiation consisting of leadership vs. management, types of leaders, role of leadership in problem solving and external & internal negotiations.
  • Accounting Basics & Financial management including financial statement analysis, nature and purpose of finance management, budgeting and setting financial objectives and risk management.
  • Project Management and Business processes focusing on the project management methodologies, the project life cycle, business operations and quality issues.

The modules are then linked together through business mapping and the introduction of case studies. People choose the mini MBA program because today’s business organizations require professionals with specialized skills who can synergize their skills with the larger organizational structure. From project management to finance functions, corporate strategy to human capital, PwC and OGS’s mini MBA program will not only provide an understanding of each but will clarify the interdependence between them.

The mini MBA program is tailored for those who wish to gain the business skills provided by a traditional MBA program without wasting the time and costs necessary to undertake a full MBA program. The program is for current or aspiring managers along all lines of business, small and medium sized enterprise owners, and seasoned or building entrepreneurs.



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