Progress Report as of September 2013
Project Name: Kalabsha Gas Compression Facilities Project
Owner: Khalda Petroleum Company (KPC)
Contractor: Enppi and Petrojet
Start: November 2012
Completion: December 2014
Project Budget: $15,000,000
Expenditure: $310,000
KPC Project Manager: Eng. Mohamed Kotb

Project Objectives
To install gas compressor facilities in order to recover associated gases from the existing West Kalabsha gas facility and the existing Kalabsha oil facility.

Project Description
Recovering associated gases instead of flaring them by installing four gas compressors (5 mmscfd each) and their utilities in the centralized oil production area, to compress the gases to Khepri gas processing facility. The design capacity is 20 mmscfd.

Project Status

  • Planned progress: 37%, actual progress: 33%.
  • Engineering with Enppi is ongoing with a planned completion date of October 30th 2013
  • Procurement phase is ongoing
  • Start site in preparation phase