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”So as to reserve the good reputation and the high quality of our services, in 2011 we are going to focus on the high and unique techniques and solutions,” Mr. Hany Abd El Halim, Chairman of Petrographics, explained while talking about the company’s plans for 2011

Petrographics is an Egyptian fully independent Oil Services Company established in 1992 and began to noticeably float on the surface of the Egyptian Oil and Gas sector in the last three years through their successfully applied strategy. Indeed, their adopted policy not only qualified them to be a successful emerging company within the sector but also made them capable of claiming the second place in the 4th Ramadan Petroleum Soccer tournament. Thus, Egypt Oil & Gas was motivated to interview the company’s officials and make a tour in the company headquarter located in the free-zone to find out their secrets and know more about their strategy. During our tour, we realized that it mainly depends on the teamwork environment and friendly atmosphere. Finally, we were welcomed by Mr. Hany Abd El Halim, Chairman of Petrographics, and Dr. Abou Bakr Radwan, Vice Chairman, and began conducting the interview…

Give us a brief about PETROGRAPHICS and its services?
– Petrographics has three core businesses. The first one is providing integrated data management services and solutions for the Oil & Gas companies. Data management is simple in its definition; however, it has a very effective role since it secures the risk of the companies within the sector. As it allows the data to be more organized, justified and easily retrieved which finally eases the process of decision-making.

As for the second core business, it is about the processing center provides. It is considered as one of the latest technologies which exist in Egypt. Besides, the seismic data processing allows us to provide a unique outcome which requires huge resources whether it was about software or hardware. As a fully independent company, as we don’t depend on agents, we freely choose which technology we need to purchase in order to get the full outcome of it. Awing to the environment, we have certain structures in Egypt and the Arab region that’s why we chose the software which can perfectly fit the requirements. Moreover, we also performed projects for foreign companies outside Egypt like PetroCanada and

Oxy. Locally, we worked with the Syrian United Company as a subcontractor for GANOPE.
Finally, the third core business, which is believed to be the most important, is mainly about the reservoir characterizations and management as well as data inversion. It combines the Geology and Geophysics. We already have solutions to minimize the risk of the companies regarding the locations of the wells. We also have unique software which is fracture detection. As we offer better studying for the choosing the drilling areas. In this field, we have many well-known international clients such as Oxy and Eni.

Additionally, one of our main characterizations is the manpower. They always have the motivation to produce a non comparable product whatever its field was. Moreover, they are perfectly chosen that’s why they exert huge efforts in order to produce the better service.

We have four branches in Egypt, Syria, Libya and Algeria. In addition, we have agents in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Chad and Kazakhstan.

Established in 1992, what are the major achievements of PETROGRAPHICS in the last period?
– There is a fact that the competition in Egypt is so fierce regarding the pricing issue and regardless the quality of the service. In Egypt, the priority in any tender is for the low price which is always culpable for us. So, locally we struggle hard to overcome such obstacle.
On the other hand, our commitments abroad are more than what we do in Egypt by fifteen times. We always believe that we will get the revenue on the long run since it is impossible to supply a good quality without gaining the revenue. However, one of our local achievements which we are proud of was successfully performing the data management of Belayim Petroleum Company (Petrobel). Besides, we performed a great work in establishing the database of Libya as a country.

What is PETROGRAPHICS’ plan for 2011?
– In 2011, we are going to focus on the high and unique techniques. The high technique which we are planning to provide next year will separate us from such competition. So as to reserve the good reputation and the high quality of our services, we should always have unique solutions and services. Besides, we try to concentrate on the usual problems and errors which the companies face specially on reducing the risk of choosing the places of drilling. It will be considered as a revolution in such field.
We are also planning to give the opportunity for the fresh graduates to have scholarships whether they are geologists and geophysicians. We will decide the number graduates to let them a one-year studying course in addition they will get salaries. The training program will be based on the requirements of the market which will make them swiftly qualified.

What is the volume of the total investments of PETROGRAPGHICS locally in the next fiscal year?
– There are two kinds of the services companies: the first kind is the one which owns and utilizes materials. While the other kind is basically work on studies and information. So, the one which utilizes the materials necessitates huge investments. As for us, we work on knowledge and information as well as investing in manpower. Hence, our investments in all our branches don’t exceed $10million per year.

What are the companies which PETROGRAPHICS operates with?
– We are working with Agiba, Petrobel, DanaGas as well as HBS. Currently, we also work with Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) through Schlumberger as a subcontractor in specifically in the field of data management.

Do you consider any other expansions after having four branches in Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Syria?
– We are performing some projects in Sudan to test the market there in order to study the possibilities of establishing a branch there. At this time, one of our colleagues in the company is visiting Mexico to also study the aspects of the Mexican oil and gas market so as to inaugurate a branch there. Hence, the company’s vision is to have two arms – headquarters – one of them in Kazakhstan and the other one in Mexico to serve in the Far East and the Latin America. So, we hope that he will come back with positive results about the market there.

Operating in Egypt, what are the major challenges that face PETROGRAPHICS?
– One of the major obstacles facing our company in Egypt is the pricing issue. In order to produce a high quality product or supplying advanced services, it necessitates a high cost. In our projects we have professional consultants and they require high salaries. On the other hand, in any domestic tender, the number one aspect is the low price regtardless of the good quality. So, we always be away of the classic projects seeking unique and advanced services required. The worst this which we fear of is that with the declining prices, the companies will be forced to provide low-quality services which will consequently had a bad effect on the Egyptian petroleum sector in general.

Who are the major competitors of PETROGRAPHICS in the Egyptian market?
– Regarding the Data Management, we have SAPESCO and Spectrum. While in processing, we have Western, BGS, CGG, Spectrum and Guide. And for Reservoir characterization, there is Western geophysical as well as Fugro.

Can you rank PETROGRAPHICS among its other competitors in Egypt?
– Regarding the data management, we are considered number one. We have a very important praise from Dr. Abd El-Migeed El-Attar, former president of Sonatrac in Algeria and former Ministry of Water Resources. When El-Attar visited our branch in Libya he said that he witnessed and saw many data management companies worldwide, but he didn’t see anyone like Petrographics in the field of data management.

Owing to the fact that we celebrate the National Petroleum Day next month, what do you want to say in the 35th anniversary of such occasion?
– In such occasion, we hope that the Egyptian companies will be encouraged to work out in foreign countries and of course also in the local market. As we are an Egyptian company so we compete with other international companies that are always trusted more.

We don’t seek a fund of the Ministry of Petroleum, but at least we need its aid in making and performing our duties inside and outside Egypt. For instance, the ministry should make a deal with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Egyptian Consulates to pave the road or ease the works of the Egyptian companies abroad. When an Egyptian company works abroad it demands information about the market, databases regarding the other companies operating in the sector. So, we hope to find the deserved solicitude and interest abroad. Besides, we hope that the Egyptian companies abroad are not felt ad a burden on their shoulders.

By:  Tamer Abd El-aziz – Ahmed Morsy


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