Fugro Subsea Engineering presents a successful local model for a global service

Subsea Engineering & Intervention Tooling is one of the most crucial subsea activities to enable constant hydrocarbons flow offshore.

This is presently being achieved through our local Subsea Engineering & Intervention Tooling division based in Egypt.

Fugro SAE understand there is an opportunity to apply the strategic planning required to fulfill operator’s demands by having the required expertise and utilities available locally on short notice.

Our teams are currently performing planned and emergency change-out operations for major clients, such as Burullus Gas Company, and Pharaonic Petroleum Company, in the deep-water market in the region. These operations are essential to maintain the continuity and productivity of the oil & Gas production from the subsea fields.
Recently, FSAE received a request for online assistance for a faulty SCM (Subsea Control Module) choke change-out operation in the Mediterranean Sea offshore Egypt.

Our response prohibited any attempts to operate the Running Tool with uncertainty of condition; the faulty Running Tool was sent immediately to our workshop in Cairo where the team began trouble shooting and investigating the fault.

Using our local network of suppliers, the faulty parts were sourced and in less than 48 hours the tool was repaired and delivered to the quayside ready for deployment offshore.

In addition, our teams have both the experience and capability to perform various offshore planned and emergency troubleshooting maintenance activities for client’s running tools. Local successful onshore maintenance plans for various running tools were done for clients such as, CCOTs, MPRTs, and IWOCS. They have also carried out successful override operations on Subsea X-mass trees. 

Another example of FSAE’s success with high cost impact on the rig time and schedule was when we were requested to fix a subsea tree panel. The panel had three dummy hot stabs stuck that couldn’t be removed with a WROV manipulator, two of the three were essential to commence a tree integrity test.

A hot stab removal tool was designed and fabricated using our deep works 3D simulation software combined with a redundancy backup tool to safely remove hot stab pins in a timely manner without damaging receptacles.

Such challenging cases enhance our knowledge and broaden our experience through allowing us to better supply our clients with the equipment and experience to continually improve our relations.

Fugro SAE is the only local company with Global Subsea Engineering that effectively reduces resource expenses and overall costs.

Our Subsea teams are prepared for numerous contingencies including emergency deepwater change outs, fault finding, and onshore maintenance for a variety of operational tools.

By Fugro


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