Fugro SAE: Model of innovation and expertise in the Egyptian service market

Since 1996, Fugro SAE (abbreviated FSAE) has been pioneer in the introduction of ROV services to the Egyptian market. Now the provision of ROVs is one of Fugro SAE’s core services. FSAE owns a versatile fleet of ROVs ranging from small Observation vehicles, through to light electric Work Class vehicles, up to powerful hydraulic Work Class vehicles capable of operating in water depths of 3000m. This fleet performs a comprehensive range of ROV related activities such as supporting drilling operations and undertaking underwater inspections, interventions and life of field activities.

For subsea inspections, FSAE provides all the local expertise to effectively plan, execute and control the subsea inspection requirements for any subsea structure, pipeline and platform inspection campaigns.

Moreover, FSAE has developed in house various digital reporting platform reporting formats which improves the data storage, and is easier to copy and backup, improves data quality, provides the facility of capturing high resolution videos and still photos, provides desktop access, and creates a client data base which guarantees efficient follow ups, future updates, and continuous improvement.

For drilling support, FSAE owns in country various hydraulic work class ROV systems that are usually deployed on jack-up, semi-submersible rigs or drill ships to perform a range of complex tasks that may require the application of subsea power, precise intervention or deployment of specialist tooling systems in deep water. Fugro has in-house built new FCV generation systems with its various models such as FCV 1000, FCV 2000, and FCV 3000 renders comprehensive applications for all water depths.


Fugro’s Work Class ROVs are very adaptable and can be configured to carry an extensive range of intervention tools. These can be client owned or from our extensive rental pool.


Complementing conventional shallow water geophysical surveys, FSAE also conducts deep water pre-engineering geophysical surveys using electrical work class ROV systems, which are capable of interfacing all geophysical survey sensors required for operations simultaneously, such as high resolution multi-beam echo sounder, side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling sonar and ancillary equipment. In 2010, the first survey project was carried out for Burullus Phase VIIIa followed by two projects for Phase VIIIb in 2011. Survey data, acquired down to 1100m, were very impressive.

Fugro’s Panther XT electric work class ROV system on board FSAE’s survey vessel, Fugro Navigator, is dedicated for such type of operations. The Panther XT is also capable to conduct emergency ROV operations such as leak detection surveys, pipeline surveys…etc.


Over the years FSAE’s Subsea Engineering and Tooling Department has been expanded to supply an extensive Subsea Engineering, Intervention and Tooling Design service which can be delivered locally.

Since 2006 the Subsea Engineering and Tooling Department has been working with major clients in Egypt such as Burullus, BP, PhPC and Cameron.

Our Subsea engineers have developed a library of standard subsea intervention procedures for various subsea developments that allow rapid reaction to most subsea problems.

Fugro has also developed a number of field management tools including HTML reporting, the provision of master valve registers and equipment tracking inventories.

In addition, they have significant offshore experience and have successfully completed numerous offshore intervention activities within Egypt. Our engineers provide a complete start-to-finish service providing all the pre-job technical support required including procedure compilation, HSE management, specification and sourcing of equipment, liaising with 3rd party companies through to managing the offshore operation and final report close out.

FSAE has local personnel expertise to provide operation and maintenance services locally. These services were developed by our Fugro inter-opco companies with their extensive experience and track record for management of client owned subsea equipment and intervention tooling (e.g. component change-out tools),  design, build, FAT, SIT, offshore operation, maintenance and trouble shooting of subsea tooling (ex, CCOT and MPRT), developing of maintenance schedules and inventory control for subsea assets and running tools, provision of technical personnel,  liaising with 3rd party equipment manufacturers, and Emergency Intervention Package (EIP) maintenance and operational support.

Last but not least, FSAE has an advanced in-house engineering department which can design and build bespoke tooling as per client requirements; our local design engineers managed to manufacture several successful tools with local materials and machining services such as M2 Repair, Seized Hot Stab/ Dummy hot stab Puller, Subsea Liquid Sampler…etc.

In summary, Fugro SAE has the expertise, experience and locally available resources to provide economically-delivered services and solutions for a wide range of subsea applications.


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