Energy Switch: Proven Solutions for a Renewable Future

In the shadow of the declining oil supplies all over the world, there has been a move to further utilize alternative energy. The switch from oil and gas to new energies has been a trend in many European countries, which represent a successful model to follow. “Energy Switch: Proven Solutions for a Renewable Future” shed the light on this model and opens the road for others to imitate it.
The author Craig Morris discusses the means to achieve a sustainable future through the switch to renewable energy sources. Morris explores the benefits of this transition and proposes the use of the remaining non-renewable resources as method to develop a long-term supply of renewable energy.
This publication focuses on the European success in applying new strategies to further utilize the renewable energy, especially in Germany. According to, Morris examines several aspects out of the German experience;

  • The shortcomings and benefits of sources that might constitute a largely renewable energy platform: oil, nuclear, coal, biomass, natural gas, wind, PV, geothermal, hydrogen, wave and tidal power
  • The success of efficiency measures, the vision of demand management – tailoring power consumption to intermittent supply – and the phenomenon of virtual power plants
  • The secret of success being in attitudes and policies, rather than in technology
  • How the US could once again become a renewable energy leader

Morris is a journalist and translator specializing in renewable energy. He lives and works in Freiberg, Germany’s solar capital.
Pual Gipe, in an article published by Wind-Works, said that Morris gives his readers the political and cultural background for Germany’s renewable energy success story that other energy analysts, especially those in the anglophone world, have mistakenly ignored. “It’s a good story, and Morris tells it well,” commented Gipe.
Back to 2005, German farmers installed twice as much solar photovoltaic panel than were installed in all of North America. This shows that Germany has been a pioneer in initiating the solar energy usage compared to North America. Morris believes that  Germany has become the world leader in this “fast growing, multibillion dollar industry”, and warned that North America will be probably left behind if it doesn’t act fast to join the solar revolution “sweeping the globe”.
“Wind turbines that dot the nearby hilltops of the Schwartzwald (Germany’s Black Forest) are visible from the city’s central platz, and solar panels grace buildings all across the city in the southern state of Baden-Württemburg. The roof of the stadium housing the local football team is covered in solar panels and the quarter of Vauban probably has more solar systems per capita than anywhere else in the world. Even factories in Freiburg sport thousands of solar panels on their roofs,” added Gipe to prove how much have the solar energy spread all over Germany.
Moreover, Morris points out the “effective system” of tariff laws and strategies applied by the government to strengthen its move towards this new energy. Energy Switch gives you a complete story of success through which a sustainable future of energy sources can be attained.


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