Egypt Empowers Women Inclusion in Energy Industry

Egypt Empowers Women Inclusion in Energy Industry

Egypt has been working on supporting the economic empowerment of women and ensuring their inclusion in different sectors. This comes as President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi believes in the significant role women play in the development of the country and their ability to achieve what is assigned to them. Today, the Egyptian cabinet includes seven female Ministers, equivalent to almost 25% of the total Ministers. In line with the country’s empowerment strategy, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (MoPMR) is working on empowering women in the oil and gas sector.

Equality in Energy

Having women in the workplace, means including different mindsets and talents in the team, which leads to astonishing results. According to the World Bank “Egyptian women represent 50% of the country’s population. A number of global studies confirm that businesses and companies that close their gender gap enjoy increased profitability. This means that when more women work, economies grow.”

Accordingly, the Egyptian oil and gas sector, as one of the main contributors to the economy, is keen to ensure the inclusion of women in the workplace. Therefore, the MoPMR has championed different initiatives in order to elevate the role of women within the sector, leading the country to experience a 30% boost in the number of women employed in the oil and gas sector.

Egypt Includes Women in Energy

The MoPMR has been walking the path of women inclusion through initiatives that empower and encourage women to develop in the sector. The ministry works in line with Egypt’s objectives and the leadership vision, since 2017, as it adapted an initiative to recognize and celebrate the achievements of outstanding women, who are a part of the global energy industry, during the Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS) through the Global Equality in Energy Conference and Awards.

Moreover, the Ministry, together with the National Council for Women, created the Equal Opportunities Unit, restructured in 2017, as Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tarek El Molla, issued Resolution No. (1686), to activate its role and to provide the needed measures; policies; and mechanisms to ensure equal Opportunities between all employees.

In October 2022, Egypt’s first Women in Energy Network was inaugurated. The network is supported by Egypt Oil & Gas and is part of the EOG Committee with the full alignment and support of El Molla. The network connects women across the energy industry in Egypt, as it aims to help create a platform that inspires and supports these women throughout their career paths in the energy industry.

As the Egyptian oil and gas sector works to connect and empower women through different means, the women working in the energy industry are expected to achieve outstanding progress throughout their career path. The efforts are not over, as the ministry is still working on including and attracting women to the oil and gas sector, where they will be fully supported.

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