Drexel Oilfield Equipment Egypt – 30 years of success

With 30 years of operation and many more to come, Drexel has fulfilled its vision to become one of the most recognized quality services companies in Egypt and the Middle East. Since 1976, Drexel had started out with a mission to bring value-adding services to oil and gas companies in Egypt and the Middle East, with joint venture oil companies and international exploration, production and service companies as its primary customers. The company had set out to provide innovative, cost-effective products and services through the efficient use of their staff and the latest technology and management practices.
Throughout the years, Drexel has achieved customer satisfaction and developed long-term relationships with their clients. Drexel’s effort has led it to become one of the market leaders in all its respective business lines. To meet this objective and to respond to the market’s emerging needs, they have maximized the efficiency of their assets including human resources, modern equipment and advanced technology.
Drexel is a privately owned Freezone Company, specializing in company representation and project/contract management services. Since the formation of Drexel Oilfield equipment, a broad range of activities have been added to the company’s business list, including logistical support ranging from freight forwarding, clearance, transportation, warehousing to invoicing and cash management, crew changes, local and international procurement, systems and procedures, marketing and legal consultation and administrative support.
Operating with an average annual turn-over of $35 million, Drexel has a headcount of 48 employees and has expanded to acquire offices in Cairo, Alexandria and Ras Shukeir, where management, technical and sales teams operate to back the company’s day to day operations.
Drexel is currently embarking on the first of three major projects: the West Delta Deepwater Marine (WDDM) Field Development Phase IV awarded by Burullus Gas Company. This work covers eight gas wells on a product basis. The second phase expected in 2007 is Rashpetcho’s Rosetta covering five wells on systems basis and lastly, this will be followed by BP’s Taurt Hub (phase I), which will cover another four wells on systems basis. Drexel’s work scope on these projects involves logistical support, project management, provision and management of both project and after-market base facilities and procurement of project requirements.
For the coming years, Drexel is mainly focusing on sub sea gas activities and aftermarket servicing. With the growth of the market due to new fields being explored like WDDMIV, Rosetta and BP Taurt and the production of existing fields like Scarab Saffron and Simian.
Within the coming years, Drexel is keen to pursue the marine lubricants market, and accordingly the company is working with its principals on a plan to launch a new string of marine lubricant products in the Egyptian market within 2007.
In 2006, Drexel was keen on exhibiting in the 4th Mediterranean Offshore Conference and Exhibition (MOC 2006) that took place in Alexandria last April. Drexel’s booth hosted both Drexel and principal representatives.

Throughout its operations, Drexel complies with all safety, health and environment statutory requirements. It is the duty and commitment of management at all levels to promote and maintain occupational health, sound safety standards and effective environment control and waste disposal throughout its activities. Equally, all the company’s employees must exercise a personal responsibility in preventing injury to themselves, their fellow workers as well as loss of any kind to their company, clients and third parties or the public in general.
Drexel has established a quality management system that is in conformance with the International Quality System Standard ISO 9001 2000. Drexel’s list of customer’s includes 38 companies, amongst them are Agiba Petroleum Company (Agip), Apache, British Gas, British Petroleum, Enppi, Gupco, Petrojet and Shell.

Company services
Drexel specializes in company representation and project management. Through company representation, Drexel represents principals from all over the world in the local market allowing these principals to establish a presence for their companies to cater to their products’ demands with customers operating in Egypt. Drexel not only establishes this initial link and builds a solid foundation for the principal, but assists in all other steps to follow. On the other hand, through its project management services, Drexel covers the entire scope of a project from planning and procedures formulation through logistics, invoice/cash management, reporting and project assessment.
However, Drexel has expanded to offer regional marketing services that include developing relationships with all current and potential customers’ management ensuring responsive service and a broad contact network. Supported by its technical sales team, Drexel seeks to expand market potential and accordingly market share of respective principal’s industry lines. Drexel offers comprehensive market studies, service and product introductions, customer networking and public relations, customer presentations, pricing reviews, competition updates regional opportunities and the organization of fairs and exhibitions.
Drexel’s logistical support has established excellent relations with the governmental and Freezone Authorities associated with logistical procedures and is considered one of the top providers of this type of service in terms of flexibility, quantity of transactions and accuracy of record-keeping. Amongst the various logistical services offered are freight and clearance forwarding capabilities which ensure safe and timely delivery of air or sea freight consignments. Drexel also provides transportation to and from storage area and/or customer site at any time. This includes all heavy lifting required to enable the transportation and the provision of fully equipped and dedicated freezone warehousing facilities, as well as customs clearance and declaration. Drexel provides insurance coverage for all incoming and outgoing shipments and has thorough experience in working at all of Egypt’s major air and sea ports. Drexel’s Freezone facilities include both indoor and outdoor vast and secure storage areas complete with automated inventory tracking systems, work-shop and temperature controlled storage. Portable, yet fully equipped office facilities may also be provided on site to meet project needs.
With respect to procurement, Drexel offers to make available any items (asset or consumable) or service required from the local or international market at the optimum specifications, prices and delivery terms.
One of Drexel’s unique services is the ability to offer fully-equipped office facilities at various locations, including an operating base in Cairo, two office buildings in Maadi, four freezone facilities in Amereya and an operating base in Ras Shukheir upon request. Whether for individual employees acting as local liaisons or for an entire liaison office staff, Drexel can provide a tailored office complete with administrative assistance as required. In line with provisional office facilities, Drexel organizes the outsourcing of all of its affiliate’s manpower and staffing needs including coverage of social insurance and the like.
Last but not least, Drexel offers personnel services, by covering principal’s complete recruitment needs, including those of technical and non-technical expertise. Its human resources support comprises of crew changes, work permits, tickets, hotel reservations, transportation, visas, offshore passes, recruitment of local personnel and complete management with all legal requirements.

In its quest for excellence, Drexel has established strong partnerships with several international companies in order to enhance its technologies and capabilities. In each field of specialization, Drexel has partnered with reputable companies that augment its ability to produce the highest quality products and tailored engineering designs to meet customer’s specific needs. Drexel Oilfield Equipment’s services and products include:
Drilling and Productions: The company provides a comprehensive range of production equipment from down-hole tools through process facility equipment.
Well Completion Equipment: In association with Baker Oil Tools since 1986, Drexel provides down-hole tools that range for over 25 year. Drexel’s warehouse facilities in Amreya and Alexandria allow them to provide immediate delivery of down-hole tools and spare parts requirements.
Well Head Equipment and Services: Drexel Oilfield Equipment has been representing Cameron Iron Works since 1995, which is the world leader in manufacturing of wellheads, valves and related equipment. Their services include installation, repair and technical support for their widely-used equipment.
Drilling Bits: Drexel provides state-of-the-art, cost effective drilling products that range from drilling bits to chemicals. These services could be provided on short notice with the support of the company’s technical sales team. In cooperation with Reed/Hycalog company since 1977 – a world-wide leader in diamond drilling and technology – the company is dedicated to engineering excellence through continuous research and development. Products like the HP Tooth and the Mud Pick design are supported by high levels of manufacturing, quality control, technology and technical support. Reed/Hycalog is inclined to design excellence, outstanding quality and superior performance in providing PPDC, natural diamond, TSP and specialty bits.
Pipelines and Pipeline Coating Materials: Drexel Oilfield Equipment in association with international suppliers offers a broad range of services and products for the pipeline, process and construction industries. From seamless and welded pipes to valves, fiberglass pipe and accessories, corrosion coatings and coiled pipe systems. In cooperation with its partners, the company can satisfy all requirements from start-up to maintenance. Cooperating with Drexel since 1993, Offshore Joint Services (OJS) is a comprehensive service company offering turnkey operations on a range of marine pipeline procedures including pipe joint fills, joint corrosion resistant coatings and flotation buoys. OJS continues to revolutionize the industry while still being environmentally safe.
Drexel’s second partner in this service since 1995 is Canusa, which contributes to the company’s extensive line of provisions with its remarkable manufacturing of cross-linked heat shrinkable products that have been used for sealing and corrosion protection of pipeline joints and other substrates for over 30 years. Canusa’s products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are available in various configurations to accommodate the users’ specific project applications.
Finally, Drexel’s third affiliate in this field since 1995 is Nova Chemicals, the leading manufacturer of low, medium and high density polyethylene products in North America. They are the leading supplier of petrochemicals and plastics, as well as the world’s largest producer and marketer of methanol.
The complete Gamut of the Industry Requirements:  Drexel has cooperated with Ep-Solutions since 1995 to provide turnkey solutions for automating production fields and pipeline operations. Their integrated solutions include hardware, software, and communications services and technologies. This comprehensive set optimizes customers’ production and encompasses the full set of automation needs for onshore fields, offshore platforms, onshore gas fields and pipelines.
Global Offshore International is the leading offshore construction company that provides a sweeping range of offshore construction and diving support systems. The company has cooperated with Drexel since 2001; its capabilities include EPIC field development, pipe-lay platform installation and removal and deepwater intervention. Global Industries maintains a very extensive inventory allowing for rapid mobilization of any situation.
Aggreko International Projects Limited is dedicated to handle multi-megawatt temporary power projects on a global basis. Working through Drexel since 1998, Aggreko manages the world’s most extensive fleet of containerized generators, load-banks, transformers and ancillary equipment. This impressive capability allows mobilization of equipment very rapidly in response to customers’ emergency power needs.
Agar Corporation, cooperating with Drexel since 1996, specializes in the design development and manufacturing of multi-phase flow meters, oil-water monitors, interface detectors and oil skimmers with the aim of conserving resources and the environment. Agar instruments are used in upstream and downstream applications such as real-time and automatic well testing, process control, desalting, heat-treating, automatic tank de-watering and waste water treatment.
Total Safety Services Ltd., the world’s largest provider of comprehensive safety services, has been cooperating with Drexel since 1997. It is known for providing complete safety solutions in a reliable, cost-effective manner without compromise. The solutions offered include the rental, sale and servicing of portable respiratory and instrumentation equipment. Total Safety also designs systems for fire and gas detection and suppression as well as providing safety training and consultation.
Sonar Research Development UK (SRDUK) provides specialized innovative sonar services and products for visualization and measurement aspects of the sub-sea environment. Supporting offshore operations for the dredging construction and hydro-carbon industries, as well as port authorities and government agencies Seatrax UK Ltd. manufactures and services support of offshore cranes, gear track and pinion drivers and hoists, in addition to crane engineering, design, inspection and testing.
In cooperation with Drexel, ASEP Group manufacture well service equipment including modular winches which allow maximum flexibility in utilization, wire line units and wire line/crane units, automation products and other wire products.
Since 2004 Drexel has been cooperating with Castrol Offshore, which is a specialist organization providing lubricants and lubrication services to the oil and gas exploration and production industry. The combination of Castrol Offshore’s specialist knowledge, technology team’s technical advisors, together with Drexel’s extensive resources in Egypt, allows the company to supply products and services that meet customers’ needs, as well as the highest levels of sub sea production system reliability and environmental performance under a wide range of operating conditions.
Dominian Technology Gases is a top provider of gases for diving, welding, laboratory, test and calibration and other applications of the energy sector. To support the demands of the industry, Dominion operates independent production and HQ facilities in Aberdeen and Singapore, exporting over 50% of their products. In addition, Dominion offers single cylinders, tube skids, egg skids and cylinder quads.
Edulan offers Edulan Whether in expanded form or as a solid material. Edulan Polyurethane products can be used for any number of industrial applications including a wide range of blowing agent technologies, fire classifications and tailor made physical properties.
For 20 years, Fantoft Process Technologies has been a world leading supplier of dynamic process simulation services and systems for the development and operation of oil and gas field, LNG, LPG and natural gas treatment plants and transportation pipelines. Complex deepwater developments, long-distance subsea tiebacks and LNG facilities are among Fantoft’s core specialties. Through specialized process services, dynamic engineering software and simulators, Fantoft contributes to highly specialized, cost-effective solutions to the new challenges in development and operations. Drexel has been operating with Fantoft since 2004.
Norse Cutting & Abandonment (NCA) offers all kinds of on-site abrasive water jet cutting and operates both light and compact systems for use on cutting applications in air, and more powerful systems for cutting sub-sea and down hole well cutting. NCA systems allow cutting through multiple casing below the seabed – eliminating the need for a drilling rig. Based on years of experience in casing cutting, NCA has developed a unique system for surface sectioning of multiple-casing when removing conductors from seabed to topside. NCA systems can be integrated in any drilling rig or jacking system for conductor retrieval. Drexel has been operating with NCA since 2003.
Sag Stahl has been supplying steel and metal products to the oil & gas sector for years. The company specializes in carbon, alloy and stainless steel in full accordance with DIN and all international standards. Sag Stahl also offers to adhere to any customer’s individual specifications, in all produced sizes, materials and grades.
Seatrax supplies the offshore industry with reliable, cost-effective and easily maintained marine cranes. With numerous international patents – Seatrax proves proficiency in engineering, design and manufacturing. Every system on a Seatrax Crane is designed and engineered to adhere to exact customer specifications and exceeds all applicable international design codes and classification society requirements including ABS, API, DnV, HSE, LRS, NPD and USCG.


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