Dependable performance – superior protection

With unparalleled levels of experience and expertise in coating technology and many decades of investment in research and development of coatings, no company is better placed than Sigma Coating to answer the very specific and demanding challenges of the protective coatings industry.
Established in 1722, Sigma is one of the world’s oldest paint and coating manufacturing companies. Today, we aim to develop, manufacture and distribute the finest products and deliver them around the world with the best customer service.

We will work closely with you to assess the performance required from the coating and deliver solutions that are tailored to the exposure conditions, application requirements, surface preparation options, lifetime and budget.

Sigma Protective Coatings has developed an unrivalled offshore product range which has been tried and tested in the most extreme conditions from the Arctic to the Tropics.
Each of our coatings meets or exceeds ISO standards and most have Norsok approvals along with regional and country requirement. Many have earned industrial certification. And we have designed unique products such as Solvent Free Coatings which set the standard for the entire offshore industry.

Our range is the culmination of specialist offshore research facilities, extensive experience in the marine industry and in-depth knowledge of the unique aggressive stresses that offshore installations have to handle, day after day.

At Sigma, we believe in continuous research and frequently test products on request in order to create improved solutions for wide range of special circumstances. As a result we understand the problems, can anticipate potential risks and provide the most effective solutions.
Over the years we are proud to have worked with virtually every major operator and drilling company in the offshore industry on installations all over the world with 3000 successful projects completed on:

  • Offshore Platforms
  • Coastal Inland Structures
  • TLP’s
  • Inland Drilling Rigs
  • Offshore Jack UP Drilling Rigs
  • Offshore Drilling Barges and Ships
  • FPSO’s, FSO’s & FSU’s
  • Subsea Complexes
  • Subsea Pipelines

Above and below the waterline
Sigma coatings are suitable for new construction, maintenance and major modification. Specialized coating solutions such as our Solvent Free Products are available for all areas above and below the waterline, including tanks, hulls and decks. These solvent free coatings give unsurpassed edge covering properties and documented service life of 20 years or more.

Open Recoatability
Open Recoatability reduces both labour and material costs. It also allows increased production during new construction as well as maintenance. Our Sigmacover CM and Sigmadur line of epoxies and polyurethanes allow for multiple coats in a day and indefinite recoat windows, reducing rework due to exceeding the maximum overcoat time. Total cost of ownership is reduced due to the extended life and protection of your installation, as well as ease of maintenance by reduction of surface preparation.

These same products which are Open Recoatable can be performed under different extreme climatic conditions. All of these technological advantages are designed to obtain a reduction of cost to the customer.


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