Continual improvement for being a one-stop shop

“I believe that it is very much our solid experience and our wide global technical service offerings that has made these projects a great success,” said Eng. Hisham El-Grawany, Country Manager and Managing Director of GL Noble Denton Egypt, commenting on the Burullus and Rashpetco Rosetta deepwater gas development projects.

GL Noble Denton company history stretches back to the 19th century and we have been in the global market for almost 142 years. We have been well established in the Middle East region for more than 25 years, and in Egypt Oil & Gas sector firstly with the General Petroleum Company (GPC). The real breakthrough for our oil and gas business in Egypt came about in 2003, when we were awarded the first deepwater gas development project with British Gas joint venture Burullus Gas Company, covering the scope of independent verification and quality surveillance services.

As one of Egypt’s biggest deepwater projects – this was a real watershed moment both for the country and our entrenchment as a major Egyptian oil and gas technical assurance services provider. Following last year’s merger with Noble Denton, our company is now a major global independent technical advisor to the oil & gas industry with experts around the world – trading under the name GL Noble Denton.

Was it easy for GL Noble Denton to break through the Egyptian Oil and Gas sector?
Because of our solid  portfolio of services – we cover the full lifecycle – and  a global multi-discioplinary  team of people we have a lot of advantages. It  makes good business sense when considering that  most of the international oil and gas projects derive from globally experienced corporations. Our clients can benefit from the fact that  we are part of a global network, 220 offices in more than 82 countries with 7000 employees. So, we draw our pool of experts from our global pracitve teams and deliver our services across the lifecycle. This means that we can also ensure our clients safety, reliability and operational efficiency from the very beginning of all projects.  

Regarding the merge which occurred in 2009 between GL Industrial services and Noble Denton, Was it the reason for GL Noble Denton to become a world class technical assurance and consulting company? How?
With more than 100 years of history, Noble Denton was without doubt one of the most prominent names in marine oil and gas, technical assurance and engineering consultancy. Our new name very much reflects the strength of both companies. We greatly extended our capabilities. with marine operations, marine warranty surveys, rig moves and project management consultancy.  Indeed, Noble Denton is the most reputable worldwide company in the marine consultancy and marine advising domain with  great experience in offshore operations.

What are the categories of services of GL Noble Denton provides and their division?
GL Noble Denton offers expert advice and practical assistance from an independent position; anything our clients need at every stage of the asset lifecycle  from design to decommissioning. We do this regardless of scale and complexity and always make sure that operations are safe and profitable.

How does GL Noble Denton intend to be a world class technical assurance and consulting company? As a world class technical assurance and consulting company, we  are constantly looking to fill the gaps and strengthen our capabilities. Our strength is that we bring a truly independent view whenever we do business, and continue to build on our success and experience with some of the most challenging projects in the industry. Our dedication to safety and reducing risk is second to none, and this combined with the highest quality and efficiency means that we are a strong partner to any player in the market.

How were  you  awarded with independent verification, certification and quality surveillance tasks for both the Burullus deepwater gas development and Rashpetco Rosetta deepwater gas development projects?
Although many of our competitors were represented in the tenders, we were after all chosen for these major projects and are the IVA for BURULLUS since phase two till phase eight.  I believe our strong technical, and highly competitive,  proposal allowed us to win these projects. However, we also have the experience and know how of deep water technologies given our involvement  from phase two.  GL Noble Denton’s local presence and capacitymeans that we can provide great service to the client and  perform tasks in a quick and efficient manner and this also reduce the cost.  When this is said, I still believe that it is very much our solid experience and our wide global technical service offerings that has made these projects a great success.

How did GL Noble Denton make a compromise between the quality and the price?
I believe that there is no compromise in quality so our price is not considered the lowest. Nevertheless, our local capacity, which is the highest in number and quality compared to other competitors, enables us from a strategic point of view to lower the costs. So, we level the equation by combining the expats with the local, however, giving the local the higher share. This process requires huge investments to make sure that all our staff has the same level of qualifications, technical knowledge and training.

What are GL Noble Denton’s remarkable achievements in the Egyptian market so far?
The Gupco project began in 2005; we are supporting GUPCO in creating an asset register and integrity management system with our world-class software, GALIOM. Eventually, Galiom will be implemented on all Gupco’s offshore complexes and at the moment we are preparing for phase two for this strategic and highly successful project. As well as working for Gupco, we have provided Petrobel with marine warranty surveys for its platforms and quality control since 2004.

We offer a range of services to cover the entire oil and gas industry. Starting with design verification, we supervise equipment and material manufacture, installation and independently assurance quality. Then we issue verification compliance reports and certifications to the client that proves safety and integrity of the asset. After the asset is installed, we offer inspection services on completed projects and check the quality for clients at vendor’s premises. For the whole lifecycle of the asset we provide a suite of engineering consultancy including risk and safety, asset management and software solutions consultancy services.

For example, we conduct safety and risk studies in Egypt for a variety of clients such as Rashpetco , Enppi, Gupco, Petrosafe and United Gas Derivatives Company.
Besides, our Independent verifications projects with BURULLUS and RASHPETCO since 2003. In addition to many projects including all our activities for certifications, inspection, risk and Safety, marine operation and consultancy services.

What did GL Noble Denton do – to become the pioneers in the domain of software solutions offering services and support to all areas in the oil and gas industry?
When GL bought Advantica,  one of the leading companies in highly specialised software for the oil and gas industry, it added a great and very important part to its business portfolio. Today Advantica is part of GL Noble Denton and it means that we offer a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions across the oil and gas sector. We have always developed our software in line with the needs of the market and our clients, and our software solutions are always backed up by comprehensive implementation and support services.

What about the activity of marine operation /consultancy in Egypt?
GL Noble Denton specialises in the provision of world-class personnel and expertise in  support of offshore marine operations.  These activities include the rig moving consultancy, marine warranty projects, and dynamic positioning (DP) consultancy including our world-leading FMEA, operation manuals, DP surveys and DP assurance.

Does GL Noble Denton agree on being a sub-contractor?
It depends on the kind of work. We agree on being a sub-contractor only if our task is specified. For example, we agreed to be a sub-contractor for Enppi since it won’t perform the asset integrity management in a rehabilitation project. In addition, it should be applied to the tender’s conditions of the company.

How do you find the competition in the local market and what are your plans to achieve your goals?
The competition in general is a healthy process to the benefit of the industry and our clients.
By monitoring your client expectations regularly and conside ing your clients as partners for success you will not suffer from fair competition.
GL Noble Denton in Egypt  has more than 60 experienced engineers and mariners on the client’s doorstep – 24 hours a day – this means that we can respond promptly and see a client within just 10 minutes.

What are the challenges facing GL Noble Denton in Egypt to lift or develop its rank within the market in Egypt?
We are considered unique in the Egyptian market aiming to being a one-stop shop.  Locally, we are working under the strategy of continual improvement in line with the strategies of the  international companies. The definition of corrective actions and also the preventive actions play a great role when evaluating the client support process, and thiscan always be improved – we always have to aim for the best quality.

How do you rank the GL Noble Denton between the other competitors?
For over 140 years we have been independently innovating to make maritime, offshore and onshore energy operations safer, more reliable and more efficient. We are proud of our unrivalled experience and work hard to deliver to our clients and live up to our strong reputation in Egypt – and globally.

What are the companies which GL Nobel Denton worked or still works with in the local market?
Most of the oil and gas companies, contractors, consultants are our partners in the Egyptian market.


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