Celebrating the 35th Petroleum Day

Selecting November 17th for the Petroleum Day celebration was not by coincidence. It is the date that marks the restoration of all Sinai fields that were detained by the Israeli Army during the war. For 35 years, the petroleum calendar marked that day as the day of glory

Dr. Hamdy El-Banaby, former minister of petroleum extended his greetings to all the sector employees in general and to Eng. Sameh Fahmy in specific, appraising the outstanding development rates the industry has witnessed. “The Egyptian petroleum sector has been blessed with a series of discoveries and attainments, which are the results of the vigorous efforts and strategies of the promising industry heads.”

El-Banaby added that the utilization of up-to-date technologies and developing the different skills of employees were among the major factors behind the successfulness and richness of the petroleum sector.

“The industry is facing serious challenges that should overcome it, such the over energy consumption, the increasing energy price… etc. Unfortunately, we lose 70%-80% of our energy due to our over consumption,” warned El-Banby. “Hence, we should promote the efficient utilization concept to save our resources we should review the way we are consuming our energy. This is should not be the role of the Ministry solely, we should all as citizens cooperate together.”

Eng. Ismail Karara, former Ministry of Petroleum under-secretary for gas, said that the Ministry bears the heavy barrier of supplying the local demand while subsidizing several petroleum products for citizens. “Despite this exhausting load, all the employees headed by Eng. Sameh Fahmy exert all their efforts to continuously satisfy the demand. This is can be reflected in the number of agreements and contracts signed to ensure the increase of production rate, to open new doors for investments and at the same time to solve the country’s unemployment problem by offering job vacancies in the new projects.”

Karara extended his wishes for a more prosperous petroleum sector and suggested to modify the working conditions of the industry personnel as an accreditation for their stupendous efforts to better serve the community.

The Petroleum Day is the celebration through which people should assess the positivity of this vital sector and value the achievements attained, said Taher Abdel Rehim, Operation Manager of Rashid Petroleum Company. “No one can deny the ever increasing rate of discoveries that have satisfied the increasing demand for energy.” He further added, “we should even intensify the number of gas discoveries, taking into consideration the importance of natural gas worldwide, which is considered as a backbone for any community… it is a clean and cheap source of energy that can be easily liquefied and transferred to various industries”.

Similarly, Eng. Abdel Alim El-Sawaf, Operation Manager of PetroShahd Company, believes that the Petroleum Day is an honorary occasion to recognize the men standing behind the successes of the petroleum industry. “Eng. Sameh Fahmy has always been keen to praise Egypt’s endowments and capabilities among other countries through his sector… this celebration is also a chance to exchange more ideas to better develop the sector and dissolve any kind of barriers facing it,” he added.

El-Sawaf shed lights on the Minister continuous support to all companies and employees, whether psychologically or financially, to boost their efforts and strengthens the work cycle for more achievements and successes.

“This year’s celebration may witness pivotal decisions and crucial announcements from the Minister side, to draw the Ministry of Petroleum strategy for next year, especially that most of the companies have scored rates in production, development and drilling rates,” expected El-Sawaf.

Compared to last year, many agreements were sealed and positive reviews and directions were made concerning some projects, such as the Upper Egypt Gas Pipeline that was fully implemented by the Egyptian workforce, increased the production rates of proven gas and reserves and contributed to the gas transfer to Sinai. “I expect that this year’s celebration will be no less than the previous ones,” confirmed El-Sawaf.

“This is the day when excellence and stupendous efforts are recognized and honored,” this how Eng. Omar Abdel Rehim Bibars, Chairman and Managing Director of PatroAmir Company described the Petroleum Day celebration.
This celebration is of a great value to all petroleum companies as they seize the opportunity to present their ideas and their company’s new plans through private meetings with the

Minister of Petroleum. “Some companies would suggest expanding work cooperation between the Egyptian and foreign companies through the signing of more agreements as an attempt to ensure the flow of more foreign investments into the country, which would add up to the national treasury,” he added.
Bibars declared that most of companies are attributing more attention to increase the exploration and production plans as well as to develop the young employees, which are all part of the dynamic strategy set by the Ministry of Petroleum.
He also highlighted that the Minister has always recognized the top officials who had great roles in the petroleum sector, especially the former ministers of petroleum, Eng. Ahmed Ezz Eldin Helal, Chemist Abdel Hady Kandil, Dr. Hamdy El-Banaby.

“During the fiscal year of 2009-2010, the Ministry of Petroleum honored the companies that exceeded the production level of 50 thousand barrels per day. These companies succeeded to improve their production rates, raise the volume of their exports and added to the crude oil, condensates and natural gas reserves,” Bibars concluded.
In the same way, Eng. Abdallah El-Desouky Sultan, Chairman of West Bakr Company believes that honoring the partners of success is considered as an incentive for the industry workforce to keep their efforts and potentials to add more to the industry achievements. “This year, the Minister would honor as well names of the employees who lost their lives while being on duty, the petroleum industry martyrs.”

The Ministry of Petroleum has not been concerned with production achievements and industry progress only, but it has also dedicated special attention to the employees by offering adequate work rules and conditions and investing in their skills and capabilities as they are the core of the industry triumph.


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